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Are there any hot air balloon possibilities in Vietnam?

Fun things to do in Vietnam? What are the secret things only locals do?

How's the weather in Vietnam in July?

Is it possible to rent an house near the beach for 1 month? where are the best spots? #localyte #Vietnam

Thinking about renting a jeep a northern vietnam... I thought first of doing a motorbike tour, but as I have no experience and...

Is it a good idea to visit Vietnam during Tet, or should I try to avoid traveling then?

I need a tour guide for 2 days in the capital of vietnam HOW MUCH?

We are vegetarians traveling to Vietnam and china. Where will we get good veg food?

Hi everybody It is possible to stay in Vietnam long-term without a work permit? Does it work like in thailand where you can exit and...

Hi Guys I need to hire a 4x4 (preferably old Russian Jeep or something like that) and a driver to drive myself and 2 friends from...

Backpacking trip thru Asia.

Hi...I'm newbie here. I plan to have a trip to hanoi. would like to visit halong bay. and I heard about Sapa. can I have more...

anyone offering a home stay in Vietnam? how much? will arrived in vietnam on april 25 til may 5th.need a friend who can show me around...

how long is the trip form vietnam to laos?

What are the best beach towns for surf and swimming in Northern Vietnam

Hi there we are very interesting to visit Vietnam one day, can you give the best advice for a good place to visit,hotel rate ( simple...

Anyone knows 'bout Chau Doc - An Giang province? I want to hire a guide to visit the floating village and a local family that produces...

Which S.E.Aisan country is best for a bike tour?

Ha long bay

will arrived in Vietnam on HCMC on April 25... need companion to visit Cambodia, a Guide to show me around Vietnam, Suggestion for...

Den Hung Remains Phu To province

We are looking for some good tours across Vietnam to see the country and absorb it's culture.

Hi...I'm looking for a collaborative network in order to organize combined adventure tours (tracking, mountains ascension, mountain...

Do you know any photolab in your city that can develop (C-41/E-6) and scan medium-format film ("type 120", not the usual 35-mm)? I...

hello friends, i am planning to go to Vietnam with a friend. as a budget traveller, we are looking something experiences which fun,...

Planning a budget tour in #Vietnam. Should I just go straight from Hue to Saigon or visit inbetween too? #Budget #Travel

Is there any national holiday in Vietnam during July?

Do you want to join our New World Hotel Saigon Platinum?

I think locals love hanging around in small quaint roadside cafes, having the savoury spring rolls and other street food while...

My wife and I are going to visit Northern Vietnam from April 4th to April 19th (15 nights). We are nature and culture lovers so we...

which restaurant and local place are good for us while living in Mui Ne?

I am going to Quy Nhon/ Nha Trang/ Mui Ne from 16th July to 21st July... Any suggestion for me? What is the most interesting place......

If I travel to Vietnam in late October, where is the rain and where is the sun? Where should I go, or avoid? North is good?

What's the best place to go?

I'm an expat in Ho Chi Minh and I've read about the Halong Bay cruise expat activity with Bhaya, it looks fun, anyone interested joining?

I need to know the following locations in & around HCMC for a specially requested custom tour project. All locations MUST be exact...

Hallo! I wanna ask about transportation I can take to travel for Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. Could you please tell me how much and how...

i'm a student of English in Hanoi,if anyone want to have a guide of Hanoi pls call me 0125.501.8510 (name: Elina) i just want to...

Anyone interested to join the expat activities in Hanoi cruising Halong Bay with Bhaya?

I am planning go to Vietnam in March, I wonder is the good time to go?

I am setting up an adventure tour company in Vietnam. Where can I find local, licensed tour leaders?


Hi, is there anyone know how to take your motorbike into Cambodia from Vietnam? How much do i have to pay and what forms /...

I'm going to Dalat next week with my parents. Would you guys have any suggestion for a nice hotel, resorts or bungalows that is not...

New World Platinum

anyone knows a cafe in Hanoi for teenagers, with nice view and delicious food/ drinks? I've been to some places, but none of them has...

Bhaya Cruises is organized a filming project for its boats in Halong Bay. We are working with a professional French agency for the...

where do travelers go in Vietnam? My 21 year old son wants his parents and him to visit. We are very active and open to a lot.

Container Transport Route: Lao Bảo Border gate - Hữu Nghị Border gate. I need online/internet references about route security.

I need EXACT instructions to travel from downtown Hanoi to the Phoenix Golf Resort in lang Rong Vong-Rong Can, Lam Son Commune, Luong...

Hey, i saw a guy with a strange camera set up with a panorama turning around district 1, Ho Chi Minh city. i have heard about...

I am trying to find a modestly priced beach resort in Nha Trang. Please DO NOT suggest Vinpearl - my client has already rejected...

where is the best place to buy northface clothing/bags in hcmc.

is it safe to wander around?

I'm a student of Englishin Hanoi.i want to find a part-time job

Looking for information or suggestions on what to do in/around Ho Chi Minh City for about 10hours... as i've got a semi-long stopover...

Hi everybody! Im going to come to Vietnam in September and Im planning to stay there for a long -term without work permit.....I have a...

How can tourists cum to Vietnam by trains from Singapore?

Female english language teacher looking to move to Vietnam in October for 7 months. It's my first time to Vietnam:I need a job & house:Help!

I may as well tell you, I have broken my #1 travel rule and am going back to Vietnam!! Ideas in north Vietnam?

Hello, me and my boyfriend would like to rent cheep house in Mui Ne for 3 month from 10th of January 2011. Is here anyone who could help us?

Trip to Vietnam in november.

would like information about travelling vietnam to france par la voie routiere sans avion

can u tell me more about your culinary food tours? interested to know what kind restaurants u visit. thanks!

What is the easiest way to go about getting a visa upon arrival? I am coming from Seoul, South Korea.

I am heading hanoi in this july, what is the importent place to visit within two days two night stay in hanoi vietnam

is bia hoi available in ho chi minh? where? and is it ok for a woman to sit down and have a few?


Ho Chi Minh

Ha Noi

Khanh Hoa

Thua Thien-Hue


Ba Ria-Vung Tau

Kien Giang

Quang Nam

Quang Ninh

Binh Thuan

Tay Ninh

Lam Dong

Da Nang

Phu Yen

Lao Cai

Can Tho

Thanh Hoa

Hai Phong

An Giang

Nam Dinh

Binh Dinh

Vinh Phuc

Dac Lac

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