Questions about Baltimore, Maryland

Where's the best live music spot?

I am told that the city is rich in African American history. Any suggestions on places to go for Black History Month and beyond?

What are the best places for date night besides a lounge or club?

Bed and breakfast with jacuzzi in Baltimore?

Where is a good place to bring my wife to eat for Valentines day? I am looking for something Seafood with other choices.

going to Baltimore in may looking for a good crabshack accessible from downtown. prefer not fine dining

best seafood restaurants

Any good sushi buffet around this area?

What are some of the best kid friendly attractions in Baltimore?

I'm looking for the Black Wax Museum, where is it located?

Looking for a nice Cajun restaurant for Valentine's Day weekend. Any suggestions?

Looking for a child friendly restaurant with a much bigger food selection for children. (Zeke)

Are there any nice Jazz lounges in Baltimore?

Where can I get the most authentic Italian Food in Baltimore?

How is the golf in Baltimore?

What is the best place for latin dancing???

Where is the best place to stay downtown next to all of the attraction for a romantic getaway?

Crabcakes! Where is the best place to go for MD World Famous Crabcakes?

Havent spent much time in Baltimore but interested in the Inner harbor, recommendation for lodging? How about entertainment (plays, show)?

What are some of the top hotels in the Baltimore area?

Been ages sinice i've been up that way.. What's the Jazz scene like there now.

What museums are recommended to take a 5 yr old?

I'm interested in seeing some of the sites featured in "The Wire", any info? And is it safe?

one of the trails ends at a blockade passed the blockade is a small street leading to Charles Street - what is the name of that street

Where can I get the best crab cake?

Where can I go to worship in Baltimore that has a children's ministry.

Is there a theater district in Baltimore like in New York, or one main theater for the bigger visiting shows?

How do i get from Baltimore to the Smithsonian Museum

Any good bicycle trails?

Where can I find a nice wine bar?

I'm coming to Baltimore with my teenage daughter and 4 of her friends. Is there any attraction that is for the young adult?

How far is the airport from downtown?

Are there any cigar friendly restaurants or bars in town?

Where's the nearest Cracker Barrel?

Are there any Brazilian restaurants in the area?

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