Questions about Ukraine

how do i live as an international student in Ukraine? can i work while studying?

Can you tell me if I can import my car to ukraine if I deceide do reside there?

English in the Ukraine?

Are there any hot springs in Ukraine?

Can you suggest a nice gift I can give my host family in Ukraine?

Fun things to do in Ukraine? What are the secret things only locals do?

Where is the best place to buy fresh fish in Kiev?

The best hotel to stay in Novograd-Bolinsky, please?

Whats the weather like in Ukraine? What types of food do the people eat? Do I need a visa to enter and if so where do I got ot get it?...

I am planning to visit Mykolayiv and Kherson region of Ukraine in May. I would really appreciate if any of you guys could give me good...

Yustia Zelene in Ukraine. Does anybody have any information about this village?

What to do in Sumy, Ukraine? Is Kirova street a nice place to live? Where can I find facts about Sumy? What University there is in Sumy?

I'm ready for co-operation with new English-speaking guides to share excursions with foreign guests of Ukraine. I have my own program...

Do you guys think someone of you could show me around in Kyiv next week?

What problems might occur when a foreigner visits Ukraine?

Is there any really nice place in Kiev where you can spend time with friends not smelling this smoke of cigarettes?

Hi, who can help me. I`m a 50 years old tourist from Belgium, and was visiting Ukraine for several times. So, I was at Kiev, Kharkov,...

i am looking to come to study in ukraine. i hear the arrival dates are 15 august to 15 november. i would however like to arrive...

I am looking for Dubovica a small town near Voynilov,Ukraine.

HELP!!!! Travel tips for the Ukraine!!

Hi, in May or in June I want to come back for the 4 time to Ukraine. Before I was visiting Kiev and Crimea. But now I have the...

Have you heard about free walking tours in Kyiv?

can you help me for Kazantip festival, i want to go there with 2 friends?

What is the most romantic place in Lviv as for legends and the past of the place?

hi,i want to know if it is possible to work as a student in ukraine.(legally or illegaly)

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Planing to visit L'viv on 2-3 of August. Can somebody advise me not too expensive night lodging in this beautiful city...

What is the highest peak in Ukraine?

Where is the biggest Christmas fair (bazzar) in Ukraine? I would like to buy nathional hand-made presents for my friends from abroad....:)

Can someone tell me what is the best way to get around Ukraine? I enjoy experiencing the culture of each country so how would I go...

I am still looking to hook up with backpackers going into the Carpathians around the 25th of June!! or if thier is a guide to take me...

I am from (England, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). Can I get a job teaching English in Ukraine?

I need accomodation in Ukraine when I visit next year. There will be myself, my partner and my son. What is the cheapest and safest...

Hey guys! I'm gonna come to Kiev from 1st October till 3rd and then go to Odesa for few days. Pls advise the best place to stop in...

Hey! I'm going to Alushta, Crimea in the end of August. Please, tell me what is the average temperature there in that time and what...

hello, i am a foreign student preparing my trip to study in ukrain,is there anyway i can provide English lesson and get paid?

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Can anybody recommend social activities in this city, -- such as in the nightlife, recreational sports (foot-ball, of course),...

I like to spend this Christmas some where in Ukraine, in a familly that value old tradition, and have a lot of culture, where can it be?

Hello, I'd like a guide for today, tomorrow, etc my local phone is 096 262 9756, but I can't receive my email-

Where to go, if you have only 10 $ in your wallet? :)

I am looking for people who want to work as mystery shopper!

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

Are there any places of attraction on the left bank of the Dniepro in Kiev?

Can I travel to Ukraine in my English car? What charges in the border? If I need to sell it there, what commissions do I incurre?...

Where to go not to feel the heat which is in Kiev now ?

If to visit Kyiv, what period of time is needed?

hello every one i need a favor i need someone to host my friend from egypt for1 week until he join his work at kiev and he will be at...

Hi, R U in Kiev? I will be there for a week (from may 26th). I'd like to find out what is going on!? Festivals, live music events,...

Hi! can i school and play professional football in the ukraine?

Who want to visit Ukraine???

What are the attractive places in Ukraine?

Hi, can you help me to find a good fish restaurant in Kiev, where there is really fresh fish.?

Where is the best French couisine in Ukraine?

Which open air disco is nice besides Dante?

Hi your so beautiful !! you can come over to to the US an I'll be more than happy to show you a round!!

Does anybody know about Gagauzia? How they accept guests from abroad?

We will be 3 friends in Arcadia next week....Do you have any suggestions for me?Thanks

hi, do you have some people in your resident country connected with men`s basketball? I am a player without agent. I hope for some try-outs.

looking for a guide to accompany tourists in Crimea in summer. Can anyone help?

i want to travel to ukrania by next mounth and i dont know if i will find translator and how much will take per hour

Please would you tell me if i am import my car from Germany to Ukraine and make the register in Ukraine, anyone knows the custom roughly ho

I like vintage style do you have vintage style hotel in Charpathians?

hi , i need to spend my vacation in ukraine oddessa and yalta island and to full details about this two city , how coast 10 days in ukraine

I'm living in Odessa, have been traveling abroad and only in Kiev in Ukraine. Now having a plan to make a tour around Ukraine. Please,...

Hello, I'm interesting to know do you have in Kiev restourant of famous restouratour Savelui Libkin (he open KOMPOT in Odessa)?

Hi David, Im courtney you can call me 8763611692 when you get to jamaica. looking forward to hearing from you.






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