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I want to drive from Interlaken to Italy in October. What will the weather be like and would the roads be safe?

Whats the best but cheapest hotel you can find in Zurich?

Recommendation for economical place for single older woman to spend one or two nights in Zurich.

Zurich on 1st November?

location of kongresshaus how far from airport

Hi, I am looking for a place to store my extra luggage during my trip to Switzerland and France in March. I will be flying in and...

We fly in to Zurich (20 June) and have 3 nights. Plan to go to Jungfau regin. Can`t find reasonal accommodation. (+- 60 CHF for 2)

where i find the cheap place to stay? like hotel or bed & breakfast

Anyone been to #Zurich? Places to stay under the $140/night mark but still central? #travel #Zurich

Where is a good place to go shopping or a short activity (less than 5 hours) very near the Zurich Airport

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