Questions about Sri Lanka

Whats the best tea brand in Sri Lanka.

Are there ferries that leave from Sri Lanka to Maldives?

what is the meaning of waka waka ?

What is the biggest Island which belongs to sri lanka?

Who is the writer of Nidan Wadula (the destructive book with wrong information) ?

Is there Treasure hunting in Sri Lanka? what is Nidan Wadula? Is that a true book?

Are there known shark attacks in Sri Lanka? Which species have been seen? The great white?

hi i am travelling to sri lanka in may and need to get to Arugambay. i heard the best way is train but unsure what trains i need to...

I'm hoping to do a Sri Lankan cooking class in Colombo in October around the 25th or 26th I was wondering if you could tell me if...

Best places to visit in Sri Lanka and best places to avoid?

Fun things to do in Sri Lanka? What are the secret things only locals do?

Where in Sri Lanka,you see the longest (108 feet) sleeping Buddha statue .

Does anyone know the number of Banana varieties that are to be found in Sri Lanka ?

can any one tell how many type of yams available in Sri Lanka?

What are the most happening night clubs in Sri Lanka?

Which is the First Name of Srilanka

Which are the best places to visit in a 10 day tour of sri Lanka?Want suggestions for best hotels in all these places as well.

Snake varieties?

Where do you find Hatti kuchi Temple and it is related to a story of an ancient King. Give me little details.

Non citizen of Sri Lanka can buy a land or property in Sri Lanka?, if he can what is the procedure.

Is that Giant Squirrel Sri Lankan national animal?

What is the biggest muslim town in Sri Lanka?

Are there any "tourist Jail"s in Kandy?

There is an old sinhalese proverb Vada Bari Unath Gama Galle. How did it started and what was the reason

The Kandy Railway Station was used as a film set for a film considered as an important and epic film, some years ago. What was the...

There are 466 Localytes in Sri Lanka, so if each undertake to write a quality review of not more than 50 words about the star...


Im making a plan to visit Sri Lanka and i would like to go Matara. Which places should i see there?

do you know The botanical name of the sacred Bodhi tree?

Name the king who ruled one day only?

We are taking a trip to explore Sri lanka in October. Which places should we visit? Any do's and don'ts there that we should knowabout?

How many varieties of bananas we have in Sri lanka?

when is the Kandy asala perahara in this year? ( starting date and The End)

Is there any limestone caves around your area in Sri Lanka suitable for caving? Please tell us!

are south-west coast and central hills a good choice to visit during June

I am looking for tour guides?

hello my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, what better place in sri lanka?

Where is Surathalee Ella (waterfall), and how high is it ?

There is an ancient sacred budhist temple called Chittala Pabbata in the Extreme down south. What is the modern days name and the...

where is Hatthicuchchi vihara situated

I have a job offer working in srilanka- bandarawela. But I have not any idea regarding the civilization, education, town?...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

if i rent a self-drive car (from say Avis), can i get independent driver for a week

i like to visit sri lanka in next january! i must know which place are better to visit!

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka and for How many days it is sufficient?

Where are the best sites that a tourist can do bird watching in Sri Lanka

Do you know what is the first ever recorded National park in the word? declared by one of our kings.(Singhalese)

where can i have dinner in hikkaduwa

please can some one tell me where the best places to go snorkling in sri lanka. i am looking at basing myself at arugambay as we are...

How many UNESCO world heritage sites in nature in Sri Lanka now?

This is a quote from one Acting Sri Lankan Localyte "Walking tours in the city are best taken with caution. There can be some very...

place in Mahiyanganaya

tour guid

Which is the national sport of SriLanka

Are there any brief one-day courses in aromatherapy in Colombo? Just to learn the basics...

What is the best way to visit Sri Lanka

What is the best park to see leopard, Yala or Wilpattu?

Which is the best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka?

We are travelling to Sri Lanka in January. We only have 7 days and want to see as much poss. surfing,best shopping,wildlife. help interinery

the Most High Lighted Traditional Event in Sri Lanka Any traveller needs to get the Kandy Esala Perahera Schedule Please visit the...

Where can you find Good Indian Food in Colombo?

What are the 5 types of turtles we find in Srilanka?

What are burghers?

Is there any five star hotels in Kandy?

What is the best Boutique Hotel in the Dambulla area ?

Please tell us how many "world's ends" in Sri Lanka? (We really need that for our first para gliding test tour) And where?

let me know the best brands of Srilankan Tea and where can I find them in Navi mumbai

what is highest mountain in sri lanka?

Might it be possible to rent a one bedroom studio/apartment in Galle Fort for January - March 2011 and if so, whom should I contact? ...

what would be weather in september in sri lanka?

How many endemic birds are there in sri lanka?

What is the highest peak in Knuckles Range?

Is there any French Forts in Sri Lanka?

How many world heritage sites in Sri Lanka

Who is mountain bike renting at Delhousi at Sri Pada (Adam's Peak)?

hi, im travelling to sri lanka next year as part of my round the world travel. i was wondering what is the cheapest mode of travel to...

Which is the oldest hotel in Colombo

Where we can find and visit Portuguese, Dutch, British Forts in Sri Lanka?

Heli Tours

Where do you find HUMMANAYA in Srilanka?

Who is Robert Knox?

How many five star hotels in Sri Lanka?

What is best location in Sri Lanka to see herds of wild Elephants ?

Off to #SriLanka in Feb for volunteer/travel. Any tips while I wait for my LonelyPlanet book from Amazon?

I want to know about cost and tour plan,round tour with east in Sri Lanka.

how many endemic birds in sri lanka

What is the only one hot spring geyser in Sri Lanka ?

Where is the biggest christian church to find in Sri Lanka?

How to reach Manella Ella (waterfall) in Kegalle District ?

Lumbini, Nepal?

Please tell me how the capital city of Srilanka got her name as COLOMBO and roughly when did it become the capital.

pl find us a guest house in unawatune, thanks

How many limestone caves in jaffna?

What is your favorite attraction in Sri Lanka?

How many endemic primates are to be found in Sri Lanka ?

Can anyone tell who are the best DJ's in Srilanka based on the judgment only

What is the best hotel in Sri Lanka?

Is it true that srilankan residents to not pay the entrance fees like tourists?

Are there some more mixed ethnies in Sri Lanka?

What is bush walking?

What is the fifth highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

what is the zoological name of sri lanken Ekephant?

When the first Sinhalese come to Sri Lanka and from where they came?

How thing about north east for tourisum

Name 5 varieties of Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka

How many Leopards do we have in Sri Lanka & where the places that we can see leopards

Who knows informations about the current situation of the Kosgoda Beach Resort?

What are the native names of Knuckles Range?

What is the language of Muhudu Vaddo?

Is gambling legal in Sri Lanka? Is it possible to have own slot-machine in my store or just on a street?

Singapoore sightseeing!

How many national parks in Sri Lanka?

From where the Muslims came to Sri Lanka?

what are the best buys in Sri lanka

where do you see the Buddha Statue with the broadest shoulders, in relation to the rest of the body, in Sri Lanka ? Tip: it is a...

What is the length of sri lanka's coastal belt?

Who was the most cruel king in Sri Lankan history?

How many kings ruled in Kandyan kingdom?

Where the builder of Sigiriya, king Kashyapa dead?

Is there leopards in Lunugamvehera national park?

Bo tree saiblings?

Is Chinese invaded Sri Lanka? When?

How many ticket offices in Knuckles Range?

What would be the ideal duration for a tour in Sri Lanka ?

Hi, I`d like to know how can 3 person to get a trip to Nuwara Eliya (Sri Lanka) from Wadduwa 12/12/2011 or 13/12/2011. Please, tell me the p

i want to visit SL from 31st Dec to 5/6th Jan with a bunch of friends (about 8 of us). Wanted to know closest happening beach nearest...

Is it true that srilankan elephants tasks are full inside and African elephants tasks are empty inside. Which one is considered as...

Cheapest Hotel in Kandy with a super service ? below 3000/- i know , let see if you all Know.

What is the only non mongoloid Buddhist country in the world?

we are looking to find places that offer cooking lessons in sri lanka

Tree houses?

Are there any limestone caves in Kandy?

Who is tourist minister in Sri Lanka?


How many kinds of gems found in Sri Lanka?

airport to arugam bay best way and costs

Football in Sri Lanka?

Hi, what are the tourist attractions in Jafna?

What is the name of the Aranya area, covered partly by jungle, consists of one Sakman Maluwa right at the top, and a large pond/lake...

Name 5 endemic sweet water fishes of sri lanka?

Who is the best waiter at the Club Dolphin hotel ?

Where is Kaiman Gate? What is Kaiman?


what is the best restaurant in Colombo ?

Who are the Muhudu Vaddo?

What is the name of animal of Sri Lanka?

How many lizards in Sri Lanka?

How many horn lizard spices in Sri Lanka?

Who is the king in Sri Lanka at the time of Julius Caesar?

What is in Sri Lanka to see sunrise and sunset in the same place?

Airport Transport rate from hotels in Colombo

Greetings ! Can any one give me a clear answer for my question ? " Heli Tours" is operating Domestic Flights to Trinco and Jaffna on...

Where is Oolu Ella (waterfall) and how to reach it ?

Do You know the height difference between Sasseruwa Buddha statue and Aukena Budhha statue.?

How many residential birds in Sri Lanka?

Is Sinhala language a Indo Arian language?

What is the rough weight of a baby elephant when they are born?

Can change Scottish or Northern Irish bank notes in Sri Lanka?

When Knuckles Range nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site?

Where can be find Muhudu Vaddo community?

Are there any star class Hotels in Jaffna?

Where are the last veddas living?

i want to stay 2 days in Bentote. pls help me to find nice natural villa or place on coming weekend.

What is trekking?

can a 30 day visa be extended and cost, also the office location

What are the services that are provided by ?

What is the best beach in the north - east?

We are organizing camping in the middle of Victoria reservoir near Kandy. Who interested?

Hello Ameya from India Need decent three star stay with breakfast and a good vehicle for 5 adult pax and one infant for travel from...

What are the 3 biggest towns in Sri Lanka?

What is the highest cascade in Sri Lanka?

What is the best thing to save from leaches?

What is the districts which situated the Knuckles Range?

Know more and visit Sri Lanka,

Who was the first queen who ruled the Sri Lankan kindom?

what are the services you can offer for locals and Tourists?

What is the smallest mammal found in Sri Lanka?

Is GPS (Global Positioning System) available in mobile phone devices as a free service in sri lanka?

can anyone tell how many elephants live in Sri Lanka approximately in which place has many

Big cats!

Is there a possibility to make an island tour around Sri Lanka by ship visiting all the famous beaches?

Is there attractive caves in Sri Lanka for caving and pot holing?

In which area are the most christians living?

What is the hight of Sigiriya rock from the ground?

We need a Russian speaking adventure guide!

Anybody climbed Barron's Cap recently? How?

Wishing all at Localyte.Com and in Sri Lanka, a Very Happy New Year ! From Anil and Sri Lanka Tours.

Sinharaja Rain Forest

How many classes to the srilankan Railway offer!

What are the 3 highest mountains of Sri Lanka?

Name two home grown (local) Banks in Sri Lanka

How many endemic species of birds are there in Sri Lanka

Beach resort recommendations in Sri Lanka?

What type of a visa is required for a traveler who holds a British Nationality passport and is planing to stay in the country about 25...

Have you ever bitten leaches?

What is most romantic spot on the East Coast ? Tip; it is between Akkaraipattu and Kumana

What are the business days & hours for U.S. Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

What is the Biggest religious event in Anuradhapura? and what is the reason for this event?

Who is the father of the nation in Sri Lanka? Anagarika Darmapala or D.S senanayake?

Is there cast system in Sri Lanka?

How many botanic gardens in Sri Lanka

Who knows some historic facts about Sella Kataragama?

What is the botanic name of Sri Lanka iron wood, the national tree?

Who knows any hot spring in Jaffna?

How many strict nature reserves in Sri Lanka?

Where is the well known Baobab trees in Sri Lanka introduced by Arab?

night layover in colombo cheap acc, guest house

Are there leopards in Knuckles Range?

Are you planning a holiday to Sri Lanka soon? I would be happy to assist you with your travel and tour itinerary.

How to stop bleeding from the leaches bite?

How many peaks in Knuckles Range above 1000M above sea level?

How many highest peaks in Horton Plains?

What are the 3 longest/biggest rivers in Sri Lanka?

What is the meaning of the name of Ummadha Chithra?

I am planning to travel to Dubai to purchase Mattel Products & promote Quality GREEN TEA during the first week of March.Anyone interested?

I've heard about a panoramic view cabin by the srilankan Railway? Where does it run?

What is the biggest tamil town in Sri Lanka?

How is the hight of the Knuckles Peak in Knuckles Mountain Range?

Where is Corbert's Gap in Knuckles Range? reported 19 August 2005 ... A hot spring was discovered in Punithanagar in Vadamaradchi East, Seen anybody?

Who is the last SINGHALESE King in Sri Lanka?

What are the spices of crocodiles in Sri Lanka? Who are the usual man eaters?

Where to find the biggest mosque in Sri Lanka?

How many gold models won by Sri Lanken team during the SAG 2010 in Bangladesh.?

Is there reported when the first Tamils come to Sri Lanka?

My friend in the UK is seeking an old Sri lankan war time friend and we wonder if anyone here knows him. His name is Tissa Thambagulla...

Where I can book domestic flights for Sri Lanka? Which airports do they support? What is the main hub?

What is the highest waterfall in Kandy?

Who is the best actress in Sri Lanka?

Where the Thripitake written? Matale Aluvihare or other place?

From where the remains of pre historical lions were found?

why do you like visiting Sri Lanka?

when is the Nawam perehara in Colombo?

Have u been to Yapa Pattuna?

What is official name for Sri Lankan in Dutch period?

Did you know that Sri Lanka is home to seven world heritage sites?

How king Kassyapa's death ?

Where is the biggest standing Buddha to find?


How many national parks are there in Sri Lanka?

when is the north east monsoon in sri lanka?

To which city we call Little England in Srilanka? What is the height of that city from MSL..


what is the best season to visit north & east of Sri Lanka?

Does anyone know about the waterfall tour package in SL?

Who is Emerson Tennent?

Where is the biggest sitting Buddha statue to see?

Can anyone help me to find Free Camping site near Colombo, where we can reach within max 2 hours


Where do you recommend for a fun couple to visit in Sri Lanka, other than Colombo and not very far from the airport?

What is the most poisoned sea snake found in Sri Lanka?

What is the most remote village situated in Knuckles Range?

Where can you park your vehicle if you are to visit the colombo Museum?

Where I can look the final of the Football Worldchampionsships on a big public screen?

when was the Minneriya national park declared?

What is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka?





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