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Is it possible to rent a motorcycle?

Fun things to do in Slovakia? What are the secret things only locals do?

looking for a place in slovakia to do snowbord in december .. where the accommodation and lift pass is not very expensive .. what do...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

don't hesitate to contact me if u r interdster at 0948111152

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

What agencies that organize flights by balloons in Slovakia? Thanks.

I would like to go in Velka raca for New years Eve. could you please tell me the prices of Skypass? And what exactly is Skypass....I...

Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

hi, do you have some people in your resident country connected with men`s basketball? I am a player without agent. I hope for some try-outs.

hello dear, I'm a new medical student in kosice I'm 5th year I've come from Prague and I would like to have some friend that we can...

Great day, I am visiting bratislava for few days next week, since I commute by motorcycle mainly I would like to rent one for my...






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