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Do even Portugese people spend holidays in Algarve?

pub in albufeira

What do you think is the most beautiful coastal city in Portugal?

Thinking about a trip to Portugal. What can't we miss while there?

Hi there! Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for driving a car in Portugal? I'm planning a trip in next year and would like...

Hiya, myself and my boyfriend are escaping the wet Irish summer for sunny Lagos, Algarve and I was wondering is there any website that...

i'm a 20 year old british female who is ging to the algrarve for a week with my best frend. where are the best places to go for...

So I might be going to Braga for a 5-day conference, July next year. Anything to do around Braga after or in between the conference?...

4 of us are planning to visit Portugal for 12 days in Oct. Please could you suggest an itinerary that'll give us a good cultural look...

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Portugal? Thanks

What is the cost of living in Portugal?

Elderly couple driving through Portugal, is it safe?

Can I receive my UK pensions and benefits in Portugal?

Fun things to do in Portugal? What are the secret things only locals do?

Compared to South America Uruguay or Ecuador how is he cost of living north of Lisboa. We are looking relocate? I like the Porto area.

Moving to Portugal, Should we learn the language?

Do I need to have a Fiscal Representative in Portugal, if iam from another European country?

Can I drive with my UK plates and License, when in Portugal?

Where in Portugal is the famous place where your car climbs back up the road?

What do I need to do if I want to live in Portugal for good?

Cheapest way to send 20lb package to Portugal

Can anyone suggest a good english-speaking university in Portugal?

How much would it cost to send a text message from Spain to Portugal?

Widely accepted credit cards in Portugal?

Hello, guys! Im planning to go to Portugal in the end of August. So my question is what transport is better to use if I want to go...

I`m going to spent my vacations in Portugal and then go to Marocco, can u advice the cheapest way from Portugal to Marocco? Thanks.

Ponta Delgada in Portugal?

What is the food like in Portugal?

Is there a powerpoint presentation I can download on the beautiful landscapes in Portugal?

Where in Portugal can I find a store/company that sells or manufactures digital calipers, micrometers, inicators and gages?

Surfing in Peniche, Portugal? Please recommend a good, cheap hotel where I can stay.

i am looking for temporary work while travelling through portugal in a van - is it easy for an English person to pick up jobs along...

I would like to visit the ff: 1.Lourdes in France, 2.Fatima in Portugal, 3.Venice in Italy. Can you please help with info on these places?
















Viana do Castelo

Castelo Branco

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