Questions about Poland

What gift should I give my relatives in Poland that I can bring from the US?

Vodafone sim cards in Poland?

Do you know of any Halal stores in Poland?

Souvenirs from Poland?

Be staying 2 days in Poland - how much money should I bring?

How much does a meal cost in Poland? e.g. a chicken meal?

How can I get to Cracow from Bucharest by bus?? (or the cheapest way to get there)

can i use my uk vodafone sim card in poland

Who has the best rates in cellphones in Poland?

Please tell me the "must-see" places in Poland.

Polish citizen travelling to Thailand - needs visa? Thanks!

Does anyone know the history of the Lithuanian Jews in Poland?

I'm Tarveling to Poland

Tarta Mountains in Poland. Did you enjoy it?

Fun things to do in Poland? What are the secret things only locals do?

Entry/exit requirements for Poland

Youth hostels in Poland?

Is it better to go to Poland or Ireland?

What do I wear to go clubbing and dancing in Poland?

A good place to get a tattoo in Poznan, Poland?

what do I wear for my travel to Poland?

I go to Poland this year

What kind of souvenirs should i bring back from warsaw poland and how much do they cost?

Can anyone recommend some good ethnic polish artists?

What do I wear on a night out in Poland?

Please recommend cheap lodging for tourists for a budget travel to Poland

Polish people working in Germany, are there a lot of opportunities?

what are the best things to see and do while in warsaw? is it easy and cheap to get from warsaw to krakow by train or bus? which is...

Hi, Looking for a reliable guide:friend:) in Poland! I am going be in Poland for 6-8 days in August/September and looking for an...

What currency do you use in Poland?

Can I take a bus from Berlin Tegal Airport to Wroclaw poland? If so how long?

Local day tours for cruise passengers @ Gadansk, Poland?

What is route 79 travelling easterly for 100 - 150 km from Krakow like in terms of road condition, traffic volume and typical speed...

How do I obtain a road map of Poland. I e-mailed the polish embassy in canada with no response. We want to rent a car in Warsaw and...

Bank of Ireland laser card in Poland?

Can I take a bus from Berlin- Tegel airport to Starzgard, Poland? If so, what's the name and how much does it cost?

Work permit for Poland?

in which province/state city krakow is ? I m intrested in city krakow where jagellion university is, and how far it is from from...

Is it cheaper to take a private flight to Starzgard from Tegel in Berlin or would a rental be better?

Anyone have updates on the economy and government in Poland? I am wanting to travel there.

I'm travelling through Poland on a trip and am wondering what kind of animals or wildlife live there?

What are the road conditions driving from Krakow to Przemysl then to Lublin and returning from there to Krakow ? Is this an easy route...

Hi. I`m trying to find the cheapest way to get from Krakow to Poznan, bus or train. i`ll be traveling in the beginning of august. any...

Hello Guys me and my friend thinking to move and life in poland ! my aunty were studying there and she said its such beauty country...

I would appreciate your recommendations for restuarants in Krakow.... in the old town area or near vicinity .... at reasonable...

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Poland? Thanks.

Can anyone help with getting Polish (Schengen) visas?. I have a client who wants to visit for a couple of weeks but knows no one in poland.

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

What's a good University in Poland that my son could study in?

Hi! Is there a good source of info on the internet about road conditions in Poland right now? I've been reading about the severity...

Hello! I am interested in steam cog railway tour. Are there any in your area?

What are the main attractions in Poland?

i am goin to poznan on 10th of december n need to rent a room for max 500-600 PLN help plz?

looking for hunting & fishing experts Torun Poland

where can I can buy a polish (poland) sim card , and how much it's minimun cost ?

Who do you recommend to contact for information on a small village/hamlet in Poland? Where to stay, attractions near by?


















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