Questions about Christchurch, New Zealand

Hi thanks for your answer on Christchurch - to provide more details we are looking to either stay for the month of Sept. in CHC. There are

will be in blenheim in early november,and would like to know what makes the area buzz,would like to site-see,etc

Christchurch, New Zealand in May 2011, is it ok to go? Heard ppl r evacuating. Need advice.

Approx 3 -4 hours, sights/POIs in Christchurch

Anyone know if it is normal to rent a vacation house without a formal lease agreement? Will have proof of payment, emails - is that enough?

How is New Zealand after the recent earthquake?

Thx for answer D - am finding hotels to be booked up already and rental house way expensive. Wondering if there's a nice town/area outside

Would you please inform me on the restrictions on accessibilty of walking around Cristchurch? Thank you

Hi, coming from USA for world cup wondering where you recommend we stay - thinking city so we can walk to bars, etc. is there an area

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