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kathmandu to namche bazaar overland can it be done ?

what's the crazy things to do, exciting places to go in Nepal? Especially in Paxocha. My friend's bored at there pls help

Hi there, does anyone know how to get from Kolkata in India up to Kathmandu by bus?

any body from khandbari i want to see rudraksha trees

I want to trek from everest to reach lukla, how long will it take?

Planned our honeymoon at Nepal. Need suggestions on arrangements.

Is it safe to visit Nepal?

Going to Nepal,need suggestions.

How do I get to Namche bazar from katmundu? what are the options, cost and time? any one to provide me the answer?

what are requirements for Everest

Annapurna Circuit Trekking (Thorung La Pass 5416m) 19 Days

who want to visit nepal please contact us

whjat time of year is best

Fun things to do in Nepal? What are the secret things only locals do?

anyone know of good Trekking agency?

Want to visit Nepal,need your advice.

Hi, can anyone reccomend a good guide for around Pokarha . I will be in the area around the 9th may and maybe travellign alone so if...

I have conform group for annapurna circuit trekking in September 16th-October 04th 2010, any interested people want to join with us ??

Backpacking through Nepal. Suggestions for packing

Nepal 1 week package?

I want to plan a trip for 2 weeks, just for two, advise me how much it will cost......

Planning a trip to Nepal,which are the places to visit?

hi, can u tell me if it is best to take mountain flight ? if yes how much and when?

Is Mt Everst in Nepal?

What are the option for the wildlife parks to be visit in Nepal. Which one is near to Kathmandu ? Whats special about the place u recoment?

Visiting Nepal from India - Advice?

can anybody arrange me whole nepal tour ?

We have conformed group Mt. Shishapangma Expedition spring 2010. If any interested climber please join with us contact to me this my...

Whats the best time of the year to do the Himalayan Base Camp trek in Nepal.

Any one interested to travel in Nepal for trek tour?

Any body want to trek to Annapurna Round???

Which is the cheapest hygenic place to eat a vegeterian food in Kathmandu ?

I will be visiting both Nagakot and Bhaktapur and wondered if Bhaktapur is worth staying or just visit for the day and move onto Nagakot

what are some attractions in Nepal

Are there Bengal tigers Nepal?

What is the best trek to do for 20-25 days in June?

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

What is the advantage to travel in a group go birding?

Where do you watch birds?

How long is each day? How many actual hours on the water?

how much does it cost to climb mt.evrest for four people?

What would be the cost for Chitwan trip to stay at Tigertops? is there any cheaper accommodation you can arrange?

Do you allow children on your tours?

hi, Is there any ceremony on 1st of January in kathmandu to remark as visit Nepal 2011? If yes where?

Are you offering Bird watching itineraries for Nepal?

What kind of binoculars do I need for to go birding?

What is not included in the Birding Tours?

HI i want to see rudraksha trees where it is available in nepal please give me information to my email

Do the rafting guests participate in camp chores-how much?

I need an update about the road conditions.I have been on the Kakarvitta-Kathmandu highway before but that was way back in early...

Are there Rhinoceros in Nepal?

What do I need to do a Birding Tour?

What do you cook on- fires or stoves and what happen to garbage?

Who are the Birding guides?

When is confirmed a Birding trip?

What’s a field Guide?

What do people do in the evening?

Is the water safe to drink on your tours?

Who can participate of bidding’s expeditions?

What is included in each Bird watching tour?

What’s the note book for?

How will you get to and from the river?

Anyone shed any light on word I've had that Nepal is closed to tourists between 10 Dec - 8 Jan?

Hi! I want to know the number of days required from Kathmandu airport to Everest Base Camp.

Can I get Nepal visa on arrival?

What is a Bird watching expedition?

Do you offer private Birding trip?

How do I reserve for a tour?

I would like to go to china how much money i should need??

How many in the river team and what are their jobs?

Where will you camp each night?

Can you describe me types of Trek?

What kinds of expeditions are offered?

Anything else?

What star rating are your hotels?

What hours of the day do your tours operate?

I love to go for trekking but I feel myself incapable for trekking. Do you have any trek that suits me?

What is the difference between Birding and bird watching?

What happens after you arrive at the campsite?

How difficult is the trekking?

Is the food / water safe to eat / drink?

Are there any reasons to know that I must do my Bird watching tour with you?

What do I need to carry with me in Birding tour?

What are combined itineraries?

Does birding contribute to science?

does anybody knows where the heck this freak street is?

What does Bird watching offer?

Why birds?

How many gear rafts?

Where to stay on trek?

If my group wants a non-available Bird watching destination, can you organize it for us?

What is the minimum number of participants to run a Bird watching trip?

How can I learn more about birding?

What equipment should I bring ?

A hat?

How many in the group and how many in each raft?

What is the maximum and minimum number of people that you will take on a tour?

What sort of preparation is needed before we come to Nepal for trekking?

In case I want a Bird watching tour for two days, can you provide it?

Is birding expensive?

which is the highest trekking pass of nepal ?

What is a Trek?

How many hours will I need to walk?

What do people do when they go birding?

Do you operate treks as per our wish?

What about AMS (acute mountain sickness)?

How can I know characteristic of each Birding trip?

What kind of food will you be eating?

Could you tell me the general routine of a trekking day and the approximately walking hours in a day?

What is the average age on your group tours?

Can I share binoculars with a friend?

If I want a privative tour can you offer?

When to Trek ?









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