Questions about Malaysia

can unmarried couple stay in same hotel in malaysia? Malaysia is a muslim country?

guys where can i get braids done in kl?

Does it snow

3 days trip at Malaysia

what should i do in Malaysia in 5 days?

Where can I fond the best curry laksa in KL?

About night life.

how to get from new CIQ to th north south highway

Where's the best and cheapest beach in Malaysia

Where is the best rojak in JB?

Looking Shoe tailor in KL or where it had.TQ

Is there any Halal restaurant in Taicang ?

Which shop would you suggest in KL to buy soveneirs for friends back in India? Small,inexpensive gifts wil do.

I am heading to Kuala Terengganu this weekend (21st to 23rd May 2010). Anyone would like to suggest a specific cheap and comfortable...

Pulau Tioman Please assist : Must do Must visit Must eat

I don't want to feel like a tourist in Langkawi. where can I find some place where locals eat.

We are exploring on our own. How best to do it in Malaysia.

what is the cost of 10 days in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia?

i'm planning to travel to malaysia next month, any attractive places to recommended ? it's my first time for travelling, will be just...

Are there volcanoes in Malaysia?

3D2N 4WD Trip from Singapore to KL

Places to visit in KL and shopping?

Holiday in Malaysia

Can u plan for 3 bag packers lady to spend 4 Nights & 5 days in Malaysia?

Malaysia training

Wondering about where in Malaysia we should choose to relax with sun and sea for 10 days? Any good tips?

Hi, I had like to do my post graduation in Malaysia. Went through the University of Malaya website. Can you tell me about the...

What and where are the water or fitness activities (with training) that I can do in Penang?

I am looking for a location for great street photography?

need affordable hotel

4-5 days dream tour to Malaysia for old parents aging 55- 65 yrs

I heard Tanjung Jara in Terengganu is a great place to relax and the spa is excellent. Has anybody been there? Other recommendations...

me and my friend intend to climb mt. kinabalu by feb 2011. can you give us an idea how much will it cost us per person? i hope you...

Perhaps I'll just be too late for the Durians by October, what will still then be available to see, or splash at wildlife and exotic,...

Penang Mari Tour(3d2n)....then Thailand Mari Tour(3d2n) Show some plan to go about:- place to sleep(lodge or B&B or Budget Hotel,Nice...

Fun things to do in Malaysia? What are the secret things only locals do?

Which are the best places for shopping near Shangi La Hotel,KL?

My wife and i are travelling to Malaysia in mid November this year. Can you suggest a good itenary and must do activities and sights....

Traveling all over S.E.Asia for 6 months,need info on cost.

Me and my friend are coming to Malaysia in June - July. We need accomodation and local guidance on sight seeing. Anybody? Also i wanna...

I need information about rent a car size for 6person in Malaysia, have any idea? I will need it in KL and Penang.

Hey there, I'm planning to go to Malay in August, probably for around 5 days. Where should I go??

Where is the best place to get huge and fresh sea urchins in Malaysia?

hello!!! my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, what is better place in malasia? prices????thank you

About Route Plan

3 days tour to Malaysia stay in high class hotel can u tell me how much is the price with air ticket from maldives up and down

I will be goingto Malaysia this week... What hotel u can advice me to stay at affordable price but good accomodation....

how to get to mydin USJ hypermarket from Bandar Baru Bangi

Hi My wife and i are planning to go to Malaysia and Thailand the first 2 weeks of November. We have been to KL & Penanag approx 5...

Hello everyone!! Hope u guys have a great day. Juz wanna ask where are the must see places and what are the must do things in kuala...

In Kualalampur which is nearer to attractions & shopping, Jalan Pudu Lama or Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah?

Need web help for sightseeing in Malaysia

Hi I'm going to travel to Malaysia in August and plan to go to Melaka by bus on 26th from KL. I read on Lonely Planet that you have to...

Hi! I'm Evgeny. I'm going to Malaysia in February 2010. Pls, write me the inexpensive and beautiful cities in this country. Cheap...

where can i buy Silk Elements MegaSilk Leave-In Hair Moisturizing Creme in malaysia?

Malaysian islands

What is the highest waterfall in Malaysia?

Staying in Kuala Lumpur for three days only. Any suggestions of hotels in busy areas at affordable prices? What to do? What can't I miss?

Planning to visit Janda Baik,Pahang. Need suggestions from people who've been there.

colmar tropicale

how many MYR for cable car ride to Genthing High land and what is the approximate time requires

am goin to visit kula. soon, where else shall i go in malayasia?? and what shall i visit in kula.?? genral info would be good about...

The bus station from Budiyraya has moved to bukit jalil but that is for south bound buses only where can i get north bound buses from

Hi! My Name is Jobert from Davao City Philippines. I would like to ask something. If I am going to visit Kuala Lumpur for a week how...

hi I'd like to know the average cost of a room ,hotel,hostel,backpackers in Australian dollars per night . Thnks,Pete

how to find economic hostel in KL


Hi My wife and i are planning to travel to Malaysia first 2 weeks of November 2010 and will fly from Londoan to KL, with Air...

Please give me any information regarding International school in Malaysia.?

Want a decent,high end hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang,KL.?

hello,if i alone travel,haw to book climbing to Kinabalu,before coming

Where are the palces of interests in Cameron Highlands and their contact nos?

Need a good hotel in Bukit Bitang area

Arriving in Redang Island, Malaysia by cruise ship on 4th morning with a large group. We have a bout 5 hours there. What can we do?...

want to show me around?

Planning a holiday in Langkawi,would like a good beach villa. Which one would you recommend?

Traveling to Malaysia during monsoons,which beach's best to visit?

Planning to visit Lang Tengah soon, have you been there? How's the place?

Activities for tourists in KL?

am asking about rugby if its played in malaysia and if so which places is it played from i mean the areas thanx

We want to visit Malaysia in next month. Can you tell me the accommodation cost in Kualalampur City for 3 day? there will be 3 people...

Which is the best beach for the full moon night parties in Malaysia. Which town is close to the beach u recommend.

What are the interesting places to visit in Kuantan and Sungei Lembing?

Which are the best places to visit in Malaysia?

me and my friend will be going to kotakinabalu on july 16-19, airfare and hotel accomodation excluded, how much wil be the budet for...

What is the highest peak in Malasysia?

hello my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, what is the best place in malaysia? thank you

Request service.

Must exit Thailand in 15 days- what are your favorite beach destinations in Malaysia?

Can i work as a tutor in malaysia even with studies visa?am a 5 yrs experienced teacher with b.ed in nigeria and i learnt there are private

i am a budgeted traveler. where's best and cheap to stay in KL, near airport & near tourist destination? What's best to see and to do in KL?

I'm thinking of a move to Malaysia to teach in an independent school. Any tips/opinions/ideas to share?


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