Questions about Ancona, Italy

Do you know where I can find the best gelato in Italy?

Can you tell me the wineries that I should visit in Northern Italy?

I am an American and plan to visit Italy. Will it be safe for me to go there?

What are the must-see places in Italy?

Do you know any good place to stay, preferably a pensione in Central Florence?

Would you rather go on a vacation in Italty or in France?

Any suggestions for a place in Italy that is fun with watersports?

Do you know how long it would take for a train ride from Italy to Finland?

Do you think it

Can you describe Italy's weather during the month of April?

When is best time to go to Italy?

Where can I find St. Peter's Basilica?

I want to go to Italy soon, what would be a good plan for a first timer like me?

Ill be going to Italy in the holidays and staying for 10 days. Do you know what clothes I should bring?

Do you know where can I buy a callcard that I can use to call US in Italy?

Which of these places would you rather go to: Ecuador, Spain, Peru or Italy?

I'm planning to travel to Europe, can you recommend me any alternative lodging other than hotels and hostel?

Traveling to Italy with my wife in early Mae. What clothes will I bring to keep packing light?

Italy weather in March, what is it like?

On what season do you think is best to travel to Italy?

Can you tell me the cheapest way to travel to Italy?

Does the Italian language have any similarities with Spanish?

What are best attractions in Europe that I can visit?

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