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What about traveling Bali in october?is it a good month?

Hi there! I'm planning to go to either Bunaken National Park or Wakatobi on October. Which one has better view as well as...

Fun things to do in Indonesia? What are the secret things only locals do?

hello my favorite sport is deep sea fishing, what is the better place in indonesia and ( cheap) ? thank you

Hello! Is there in Indonesia any possibility for cheap international calls? Any cheap cards for calling or anything? Thank you for...

Hi, I want to travel from Pontianak to Balikpapan by road. Is this possible? I have already done Tawau- Miri, and then onto kuching on...

i wanted to travel to around Kalimatang,indonesia.Starting Point Kuching,Sarawak Malaysia-Pontianak-?-Balikpapan-?-ending Point Pulau...

What kind powerplugs are there indonesia?

Which are the best places to visit in indonesia?

Hi! If I go on vacation for 4 weeks in Indonesia, starting in Manado (AFTER my 5 day dive package) and will already be spending 8 days...

Backpacking across Indonesia.

Accomodation in Bandung My friend & I (two female) will be coming to Bandung in April for 5 days. Where is the cheapest yet decent...

My name haron. i am visiting bandung on 15/5/09. My first visit. I am on a tight budget and will only spend IDR100,000 for...

When is the best season to see Indonesia at it's best?

Kindly describe Jakarta in a single word. What is it?

what is the best way from yogyakarta to Bali ? Any advices for Train, Bus and Ferry?

is there a Filipino restauarant in there?

i want to camping around Mount. Rinjani (lombok) and Mount agung (Bali), which is the most recommended for hiking? and how much it will be?

I am planning to go to Indonesia soon. Where is the best area to stay in Bali? Does anyone know any good hotels with reasonable rates?

Do you know good restaurants in Bali? What sites should I see? How about shops?

abaout two colours can i go there??from medan, is it too far?

2 days in Jakarta

We are going to Borneo with two kids. Where do we stay?

Flores or Sulawesi? Anyone been to both and have an opinion? #travel #Indonesia #traveling #lp @localyte

Hello,we are planning to travel to Indonesia. Which places should we visit? Which cities should be in our itinerary?

I need a 3 bedroom pool in Seminyak from June 24- July 21 - $1500-2000US. Reply to

Hi. I with my friend will travel to Indonesia in last Oct. I would like to know: How long do we need to stay per city as below and...

I was born in Bandoeng in 1951. I live in America and I am an American citizen. I've lost my Birth Certificate and I do not know how...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Still can't decide where to go in Indonesia this summer. Any ideas? #Indonesia

sight seeing in dortmund

Is it possible to be house guest in JKT or any major city in Indonesia

Hi! I'm GAntony and I'm coming in Bandung for 6-7 days starting from the 4th of august. I'd like to find an accomodation (single or...

I want to visit Pontok in Indonesia. Which is the easiest way to reach this place? Would appreciate whatever info you could give me.

where to eat indonesian food in jakarta?

Have you heard of Kathulistiwa in Indonesia? Would like to visit this place,want info.

Hi all, we are planning for a trip to a few countries and will be staying at Yogyakarta for a day. Would love to have your advices on...

what do you know about Indonesia beside Bali..? :D...

Is there anybody can give me advices about Borneo, I'd like to visit it in October!

I am planning on relocating to Indo from Thailand. I would like to get information about a) social visas and how to get them; b)...

Hi, does anyone know where the indonesian embassy/consulate is located in Kuching, Sarawak?

What would be the things that visitors would love to discover in Bali?

HI all, I am looking for Car renting service to go to a few interesting places at yogyakarta. We have about 12 ppl onboard. Many...

Indonesia tourist package?

Pls let me know any cheap/budget accommodation & local guide service in Jakarta..I plan to visit this country soon.

I want to see Indonesia as much as possible in a month

r there cheap apartment for 1 month in jakarta ?

Hello! What is the cheapest way to go from the airport to the city center? Thanks in advance for answer! Cheers Gosia

i will visit indonenesia on july for 1 month and i want maid and tour guide anyone ?

jakarta indonesia

I am looking for a small hotel with pool in Senggigi to stay at.

anyone knows the best place to have the best coffee in semarang?

i'm looking for detail information about taman bunaken and the ecosystem in manado. can you describe it?


what are your best travel tips and favourite places to visit in Indonesia?

Hey guys, I live here in Bali and have been looking everywhere for modern music karaoke discs. Does anyone know where to get them?...

hi,i plan to go to jakarta this month.can you help me the cheapest airplane cost?.and which places would be interesing? i also want...

I am looking for a college student who can act as my travel guide when I'm in Denpasar, someone who can show me around the city, eat in rest

What is the highest peak in Indonesia?

ada yang tahu pusat konservasi kupu-kupu di indonesia??

Could someone please reply with a list of any hip hop clubs that have live shows or would hire an artist.

hotels in bali



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Jakarta Raya


East Java

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Sumatera Barat

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Sumatera Utara

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Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

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Nusa Tenggara Barat

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Sumatera Selatan


Daerah Tingkat I Kalimantan Barat

North Sumatra

Irian Jaya



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