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Hi, I'm going to live as a foreign student in Trier. How much is the average food cost per month? I know my dorm and utilities costs...

Hi friends.I will need a local guide and daily bus for city sigh seeing tour in Talin both in june and july.Is there anybody who can...

Do you now the best places to visit for College students in Europe

Anyone know where i can rent a horse drawn carriage for a special event in wiesbaden germany?

hello there, i want to go on tour for 3 days in munich & regensburg (from 18 july), and back to lyon france, but i want to know if...

I am interested in going to Rhine and Mosel area in Germany in September. Is it still full of summer crowds or many wine harvest festivals?

I need approx cost of living in Ratigen

I go to Germany this year

HI,I am Özge.I need a local help for a daily sight-seeing tour in Hambourg.I will have a grp. on a cruise coming to Kiel.Than we need...

Hi There, I am a Fresh Tuna exporter from Maldives, hoping to travel to Germany, Frankfurt to market my products. Can anyone give me...

5 day family travel help needed

I want to visit regensburg & munich by summer (August) it the best time or over crowded?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Do I need a visa if I have a passport

How much money do I have to take to germany for a 2 weeks travel? I'll arrive tin Frankfurt , then I'm staying 5 days in Cologne and...

Where can I get a visa to go to Germany?

I would like to survey german scrap metals market , any one who can help me for 2 days take me arorund such companies , my estimated...

when is the most beautiful time to visit Germany

Where to stay in Koeln Germany for reasonable price? The beginning of December. Do you know the 3star hotel not far for the city centre.

what to do in Frankfurt

what is the best way to get from tegel airport to the park inn alexanderplatz?

Hi! I just arrived in Birkenfeld and planning to live here for at least 6 months. Any recommendation of what to see along the way...

Hallo! How can i get from Munich airport to Nuernberg Hbg(railwaystation) on 08.10.09 between 18.00-20.00

Hi, I'm going to live in Trier from October this year. Can anyone tell me the best way to reach this town from Frankfurt a.m. airport...

visiting germany in April for one month...need local to show me around

Im flying over to Schwabisch-hall on july 04 this year. I wonder if there is any web page where i can observe typical festivals or...

Leaving NJ and going to Germany

Can anyone take me travel AROUND GERMAN ?

I'm looking stay with a family while i'm studying in Germany for one year or two years! any plan?

Our 17 year old granddaughter will arrive in the Munich airport 3 hours before our arrival. Where can she wait for us? What would be...

What is the most convenient way to get from Ffm airport to Hoefen im Enztal?

What agencies organize flights by balloons in Germany? Thanks.

any recommended WWII museums in Germany?

Hello, I will be travelling to Frankfurt with my two children (13 and 15) and will be there for three nights and two days. Any...

Where is our famous footballer Ballack was born

what is the highest peak in Europe?

Halo, I ive in Neubruecke (Nahe), Birkenfeld (rhine-pfalz). If I start traveling in germany from this point (and to go back here)...

How many times Germany has won the Football World Cup & what are the Years

What's the best website to find out about concerts, shows, and other events in Germany? Berlin? or Munich?

my wife and I fly into Munich this Saturday and out of Berlin 10 days later, our first trip to Germany tentatively, we have 3 nights...

Sorry, have forgotten to mention: By public transport?









Lower Saxony






Mecklenburg-West Pomerania



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