Questions about Alexandria, Egypt

any cooking classes or cooking schools in alexandria egypt

what is the minimum charge in jungle cafe

water sports

hi, i will like to know ifu give a one day tour in alexandria picking up from cruise port for 4 adults and 2 kids, 4 and 6 years old,

planning to visit alex this week, and I'm asking about a private very clean beach where I can go together with my child and husband,...

are there in alexandria kitesurfing , so where is location

Hi, we (2 persons) would like to go at the end of this year from Cairo to Bahareya and Siwa by car. Do you know a professional driver?...

Hello I am looking for a place to rent to share while studying Arabic in Al Iksandria. Craigslist did not have too many listings. ...

telephone number of gold's gym in alexandria at egypt ?.

in alexandria on nov 30th

We are a German couple coming to Alexandria from 30.12. to 2.1. We like to experience the city where locals stay (Restaurants,...

We will be on a cruise in early Oct that docks in Alex and would like to know about submarine tours of Cleopatra's palace Do they exist?

where exactly is trianon in smouha??i have tried to search for it today but didn't find it.The map showed it is in smouha but where...

Please, i would like to know the exact locations of clubs,bars and nightlife spots in Alex For example; club deja vu, spitfire. Guide...

Was Pastroudis undergoing any renovation works lately? I had heard it was closed for some time. When did it re-open?

Hi, I will be coming to Alexandria, Eygpt via cruise ship. Want to go to Cairo one day and second day see Alexandria. Any tour guides?

hi i'm viva, please i want to know where can i go for wine tasting?

Hi I'M looking for a room mate ......i'm a femail working in alex

Do you know of a retailer called Spider in any of the shopping malls in Smouha? If so which mall is it in.

I need a place to throw my birthday party my theme is kind of classic -wearing dresses and so- i have many cafes in mind. HELP!

Is Pastroudis closed?

Where is the best place to eat fish in Alexandria?

hey, does anyone know where i can buy a nice reliable treadmill (exercise machine) in alexandria?

Thanks for answering my question about Spider. I need to know the address if at all possible.

Can u live on $1500 USD per month comfortably in Alexandria Egypt in a good district with good accomdations

where can i find Chinese Restaurants at Alexandria?

hy how r u am just wnna know what is this ekzakly about this wepsite

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