Questions about Czech Republic

Fun things to do in Czech Republic? What are the secret things only locals do?

Czech Greenway Trail information needed.

Hi! I am looking for a professional guide in Prague to collaborate with me (in Budapest) to suggest mutally our services to tourists...

Accommodation in or near Svojsice

Hello everyone in Czech Republic! Can anybody kindly advise is there a chance to find a normally-paid job in Prague for a Russian...

Hello! im planning a trip in Czech Republic in June and I want to know what places are must see and places most often overlook by...

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

What are 'real' Czech souveniners and which ones should be avoided?

I wish to visit around Prague....Such as forest or lake ,,,Any recommend for the place to overnight for a few day?

What is the 'best' beer in Czech Republic? Where should I get it?

Does anyone know how to best travel to St Petersburg from Prague? Should I worry about border crossings in Belorus or Baltic countires?

TICKETS to FOOTBALL MATCH AGAINST LTU in KAUNAS. Lowest possible prices. Contact me if you are interested. Bring passion to football to LTU

What is your advice on the publicly solicited cultural events such as chamber music and Black Light Theatre?

Is there a good place to watch American or English Sporting events?

Anyone can help me to find Czech glass beads manufacturers, or nearby countries where I can buy glass beads.

Where is a good place to view a first run film?

Where are the best art house cinemas?

Fellow Localytes, please help me. I need a low budget suggestion for Valentines Day (which is also our anniversary) for my wife and...


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