Questions about Croatia

Fun things to do in Croatia? What are the secret things only locals do?

Flyfishing in the Adriatic Sea

How much does patrol cost in Croatia? Do petrol stations accept credit cards?

Visit Croatia

I am trying to get to Bihac.Livno or Drvar from Croatia, would anyone be able to tell me about bus services, airports in the vecinity,...

I am planning to visit Zagreb in the summer, and I would like to visit also a nice place at the Adriatic sea. Can you suggest any...

how much does petrol cost in Bosnia? Do petrol stations accept credit cards?

Do you know any place worth seeing in Croatia?

I am trying to go from Hvar to Mali Losinj but it seems to take hours!(boat to split, bus to zadar, ferry from zadar to mali losinj is...

Good day, I would like to buy land/home in Croatia, close to the beach. It could be old and far away from towns. Can you please help...

Assistance with a book

I have been told that it's OK to just have Euro's in ones pocket. Is this really true?

6 days in Croatia in June. What Imust see??

We are a group of four. Two couples in our fifties, looking for an apartment close to a sandy beach (proper soft sand) 100m max away....

What is the most attractive mountain for trekking in Croatia?

Are there any nice sand beaches anywhere in Croatia?

If we're going to Hvar, what are the best "adventure" (i.e. hiking, biking - real bikes, not pee-wee herman bikes, etc.) things to do?

is there someone who has an apartmani to rent in murter in front of the sea with 2 bedrooms or in a island in croatia ?thanks paola

Flying to #Croatia in Aug. Any tips on places to go?

We're plannig to drive to dubrovnik from zagreb by rent a car .Which places that we must see

whats the liquid pertroleum gas availability in Croatia. I have refillable bottles. Is this avail at petrol stations to refil and not exchge

apartmani betina murter

summer holiday help for 4 females in croatia.

With the world economy being the way it is right now. Has this had any effect on holiday bookings? Are there any good deals to be had?...

Are there any way to go by sea to Ancona (Italy) from Rijeka or Pula ?? Thank you

I would like to speak to the local people of Croatia who would be happy to share their knowledge with me

which is the cheapest way to go to Croatia for holiday

How many times that Croatia has represented FIFA Word Cup

I am interested in private accommodation in Slavonija, Daruvar. What are the prices?

I need a list of actvities in Dalmacia Could anyone tell me some nice places where it's possible to be in nature camping, and some...

Why is there no easy connection between Croatia and Greece? Bus? or ferry?

Do you now some nice food restoran in zagreb?

Which places should I see in Crotia?





Grad Zagreb
















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