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What month is the best time to go to the Great Wall of China?

Which city in China is the best?

Info about Tiger Leaping Gorge

hi im in yiwu wht r good places to visit here

1st Visit to China - Beijing & Shanghai

Am planning my trip to Xi'an China this May. Since I'll be traveling on a tight budget, can anyone suggest any reasonable...

Where can I buy a Chinese Buddha Shrine?

Is it safe in Canton city?

What should I look for to buy in China?

3 days till #China! Is it better to exchange money there or before you go?!

I'm an american travelling soon to China, Are there any kind of food do you think that I should avoid eating while I'm there?

reading wikitravel for suggestions about China. Sooo much info, so much to do and so little time (2 months). How to prioritize?

My questions are a bit more general for china than beijing: 1. How can i arrange a permit for thibet and how much does it cost? Any...

Hi! Which are The best Treatment, geyzers in China


What are good buys in China? I'm interested in clothing,accessories and electronics. Which is the best place for shopping?

Fun things to do in China? What are the secret things only locals do?

Hi,Where can I get a good holiday package to travel to China?

I am an American. Is a visa necessary for me to visit China?

l come from kenya en am so good in english as that is one of our national language so is it easy 4 me 2 get job there en teach english?

I want to stay in China for a month, Which place would you suggest for the best sight? Have already been to China?

I want to stay in one country in Asia for a month.Which place would you suggest for the best sight?Have already been to China.

Which part of China is good for diving?

Train from beijing to tibet 1. How can i arrange the train from beijing to tibet? Any website or any contact of travel agent with...

Hi! i´m living in GZ and my mom and sister are coming to visit..they want to go to shanghai and bejing (and maybe even xian and/or...

Hi All, My friends and I plan to travel to China end of this year and we'd like to ask your advice and recommendations of those...

How long will it take an average person to learn basic Mandarin chinese to be able to at least express himself

How many provinces do you have in China & How many Districts

what do u eat in china?

Hello Friends, Can you help me? I'm looking for experienced network marketeers to head up a new network in your country and I...

Hi! Please, could you help me, I'm going to china next year to china to have a treatment at good hot water sources, geyzer, which...

need travel assistance/transportation/ interpreter for a Jilin City mid Sept. 20111 five days

Hi, Pls, write me how can I go to Tianjin Binhai International Airport from Beijing Railway station. I'll arrive to railway station...

Shanghai-Beijing travel in October

what is the favorite sightseeing in XinJiang Uygar autonomous region,China?

Is there anybody who can help me get clients from china to travel to maldives for holidays, honeymoon, and other leisure activities? I...

I am coming to Ghangzhou in Sep.2010 i like to vitis Haining fabric factories and leather city which way is best to come by air of...

I d like to study accupuncture in China. Do you know of any school offering introduction courses to foreign students ?

do u have your language 2 hearing impaired people

how do i find Beijing underground city?

Am looking for an agent in Guangzhou who can handle a group of bussiness trvellers! Please advise or get in touch with me soonest...

who will take part in MIDI 2009? Rock music festival. In china, maybe in Shanghai, Peking, Zhenjiang. Rock on!

shangai citytour

I'm going to be in China for 1 month and since I own a iPhone (of course with Pocket Sherpa installed) I'm interested in getting a...

Which is the easiest and cheapest way from Macao to China?

I need translator in Guangzhou and yiwu (two different people), been to china several places. Just translator who can be helpful and trust w

4 days in beijing, need advise - low cost accommodation - interesting place to visit + how to go there by public transp - food...

What are my options for traveling alone from Tianjin to Hebei? Also looking for good & cheap hotels in Hebei (ShiJiaZhuang). Would...

Fun things to do in Japan? What are the secret things only locals do?

modes of travel and costs between peking and wahun china and then from wahun to lao?

looking for agent in Guangzhou who can handle a group of travellers, Please advise or get intouch with me soonest

Did China ever participated in FIFA World Cup if yes when

I want to spent a day in Beijing what should I do and where do I must go for a trip and shopping?

There is a 400 meters skating oval in Shenyang, is there any website with more information?

How do I travel to Swatow from shenzhen? Is there a train that I can take to Chaocan or Swatow from shenzhen?

what is the cost to engage one guide

If i want to have some trip in Beijing for several days ,How much cost for (transport,meal,tickets)?

Other than the great wall of China, what are other tourist attractions that you have in your country?


Has anyone covered travel in China with kids? Blogs to recommend?

Is it better to go to Shanghai or Hongkong?

write me how can I go to Tianjin Binhai International Airport from Beijing Railway station?

where is silk street?

Which is the best city / Town to visit in Sinkiang province ? and what is it famous for?

who had the treking and camp experience in Mountains in this season? do you know some skills online? let me link and learn further....

Need suggestions for day trips out of Beijing and Shangai.

Hi. would love to see China. can you show me around

what are the best attractions within Suzhou for 4 days visit?

Want are your suggestions for good neat n clean highend hotels in Beijing and Shangai?

hey sweet Chinese i want to visit china next summer so would u mind tell me about the political problems that go around your...

just found this iPhone app. traveling to Jilin City 4/1/11 through 4/5/22 from the US. Any travel information would be appreciated....

I'm going to Beijing with my family on late april - early may this year. Any recommendations of "must see" and what to be aware of?

Have you ever heard of schools where you can learn lacquer ware, porcelain or traditional stamps techniques

When is the best time to visit Shanghai, China ?

what is the distance in kilometer between aiyao and wenzhou by car?

How much is a van for hire per day? ( must be able to carry 10 passenger)

Which is the most intresting n senic place in china ?

Planning a trip to ShiJiaZhuang (Hebei). Need quotes on ground arrangements to & from Tianjin Binhai, Hotel in Hebei & Freight...

What's the best way to find summer housing in Guangzhou?

What are the good places to visit China ?














Xizang (Tibet)











Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia)






Ningxia (Ningxia)

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