Questions about Canada

Fun things to do in Canada? What are the secret things only locals do?

Where to live? Toronto or Vancouver?

Please suggest a best place to visit in Quebec, thanks.

ill be in Vancouver soon, is there any good hiking or backpacking ?

What can one do in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)?

How long does it take Canadians to get their driving licenses?

We are looking for a travel agent who we can work with.We are a reputable travel company in Nairobi and we do all types of travel.We...

Hi could you tell me about how foreigners are treated in Canada in places like restaurants, banks, migration departments, shops,...

New Year eve in Canada..

Kindly advice me which is the best place for a Mauritian medical officer to settle and to easily find a job? skype:...

Which are the best places to visit as a tourist?

@rjwoodyatt17 any tips for Canada? #canada

what to do in vancouver

What do I have to do to be able and work In Canada as a US citizen?

Où peut-on faire du ski alpin dans les Cantons-de-l'Est?

the best food place

Hi I am a pastor of a small congregation here in Jamaica, I want to visit /Canada can you hook me up with a church or ministry group...

salt spring island

Would like your point of view!

Hi Localytes, I am planning on visiting Vancouver, Canada during my forthcoming semester break. I'm an international student based...

Long Shot Question, but does anyone here have a recommendation for a guide to be used in Nunavut?




British Columbia


Nova Scotia

New Brunswick




Prince Edward Island

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