Questions about Bahrain

Is drinking allowed in pubs during Ramadan?

Is it very common for expats to live in Bahrain and commute to Al Khobar Saudi Arabia for work? If so, what are some of the biggest...

Is it possible to live in Bahrain and work in Saudi ?

best place to live in Bahrain

Can I find any Indian temple in Bahrain?

buying rogaine in bahrain?

Fun things to do in Bahrain? What are the secret things only locals do?

I am a female, planning to visit a friend in Bahrain. What are the clothes that I should wear there?

I am offering cooking classes in Bahrain for Indian and continental cuisine. Any one interested?

How many malls are there in bahrain?

We've booked Coral beach club resort for our vacation in Bahrain. Is this a good choice?

Anybody know any good place for vacation in Bahrain?

Can I live in Bahrain with family ( sign a lease agreement ) while I work in KSA

Do you know how long a plane trip from London to Bahrain take?

What are the conditions/requirements for a visit/tourist visa for an Indian national to Bahrain for a 2 week visit?

Where can I find Beirut?

We are looking at joining my husband in bahrain. Where is the best area to live for young families (3mths -6 yrs).

I am an Indian National wishing to visit Bahrain for about 2 weeks and do not know anyone there.... How do I get a visit/tourist visa??


Al Manamah

Al Muharraq

Ar Rifa' wa al Mintaqah al Janubiyah

Madinat 'Isa

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