Questions about Melbourne, Australia

Which Melbourne inner-city neighborhood or suburb should I move to?

Hi.. I will be joining Latrobe university this June for MBA.. I would like to know wat are my options if i wanna stay independently...

What should I do in Castlemaine Victoria?

Please advice me a hotel close to the airport, just for 1 night. Thanks...

Hi everyone were going to Melbourne next January and would like to know some interesting things to do , not usual touristy spot . thanx

How do I get to Ivanhoe

Where can I get the tour that

hi my names fierdaus from malaysia, im planning to visit melbourne maybe somewhere in June it winter over there?id like to...

hi again.. the limit on check in luggage is only 20 kgs!!! can anyone suggest a reasonable good cargo frieght company throught which i...

Hi.. i ve recently joined latrobe university at mel, aus.. my course starts in jun.. i would like to know details on the weather and...

i will be in melbourne for 9 months starting in january. need to know where i can find reasonably-priced accommodation for a single...

“Coach Tours from Melbourne to Sydney via the Coastal Drive?”


hi, I'm coming to Melbourne in January. can someone please tell me how far it is from Melbourne to Torquay and the best way to get...

Central Queensland University, Melbourne(what kind of repo it has?)?

Hi..I am going to Victoria, Melbourne this coming 8th July, and will be here for a week.. I am staying with my friend here, but, as...

I'm planning to move to australia (vic. state) as a student from africa.

I've got 3 weeks to get from Melbourne to Brisbane in October, inland or coastal? 1st time in Aus,hiring car.

hi im living in elwood and have been out fishing a lot along the coast with little or no joy with the just looking for a few tips?

I am planning on driving from Melbourne to Adelaide by way of Great Ocean Rd & Princess Hgwy How long should I allow

I want to treat my daughter for her engagment.............she and her partner love food...............I want to give them something special

is the moonlight cinemas still running at the botanic gardens?

cafes in degraves st

What happened to Debu?

if we are staying in South Yarra for two weeks, what are the best options for a pass for trains, buses and trams. Reading the myki options

what are the social customs and believes in melbourne?

what dates are chinese new year celebrations in other areas, such as Footscray, Box hills and Richmond etc...

hi emily nice to have u.can u just say how much u would be charging per day for tour guidence.

How are you dude?

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