Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA 94122

Address: Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA 94122

Latitude: 37.7593750

Longitude: -122.5108060

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Categories: Attraction, Activities

Tags: Family


Ocean Beach is the biggest and longest beach in San Francisco. The easiest way to get there from downtown is to take the Fulton 5 bus and it'll take you straight there. Another fun way to visit is to take a walk through Golden Gate park, past the Bison, past the Flower Observatory, through the rose garden, around the Dutch Windmills, and there you are...right in front of the beach!
Ocean Beach couldn't have been a better experience! It's wide and long with all types of people enjoying themselves. Several huge rocks and outcroppings in the water make beautiful backdrops for the sunset. There's one restaurant - Cliff House.
At the edge of the Pacific, beachcomb, build sand castles or bonfires, but don't swim. The tumultuous waters can be too rough to handle.
Ocean Beach is at the end of the San Francisco Peninsula and stretches for miles along the Pacific Coast. There are places for those brave enough to surf but it's also possible to just play in the water for families. Walking the beach, beach volley ball and any number of beach activities can be enjoyed on this beach....it's lovely!

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