denver art museum

Address: Denver, CO, USA

Latitude: 39.7391536

Longitude: -104.9847034

Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

Categories: Attraction

Tags: Cultural


In some ways the building is the star here. It is certainly unique and has several things about it which causes on to pause. There are wooden boards on the floor in certain areas and you wonder why until you realize they are to keep you from bumping your head on the severely slanted walls. When you looked down the main stairwell from the top floor hang on to something because there is a disorientation which causes you to lose your sense of balance. The art is better in the old part of the museum but it is the older art,the new wing contains a lot of the more modern stuff and because of the slanted walls is not conducive to traditional paintings but requires a new way of looking at things , which, I guess, is the definition of art.

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