Brooklyn Historical Society

Address: 128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY

Latitude: 40.6948040

Longitude: -73.9924070

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Categories: Culture

Tags: $, Tourist-free


The amazing building -- designed by George W. Post, Emily Post's uncle and architect of many local landmarks, including the New York Stock Exchange -- houses a library exceptionally rich in local genealogy and a rotating series of historical exhibitions. Originally the Long Island Historical Society (Brooklyn is, in fact, on the western end of Long Island and has always been its largest city), its facades feature many busts of historical scholars and archetypal Long Islanders, including Indians.

Brooklyn became part of "Greater New York" in 1898, primarily to gain access to the rapidly growing New York City water system, bringing water from the Catskills and the Delaware River through hundreds of miles of aqueducts to the thirsty city and its northern suburbs. A non-binding referendum on the union barely passed in Brooklyn (tales of corruption abound), and the connection is still known locally as "the mistake of '98."

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