Address: 199 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

Latitude: 37.7700190

Longitude: -122.4222260

Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time

Categories: Dining, Bars, Clubs, Nightlife

Tags: Outdoors, $


What ever you may think about the service or the patrons, it's true that Zeitgeist has one of the biggest back patios in San Francisco. If the sun is going to be out in San Francisco, then it will probably be the warmest in the Missions District. On those days everyone from South Beach tech workers to Excelsior bikers head down to brave long lines and indifferent service just to enjoy a cold one in Zeitgeist's backyard. There's BBQ available and the Tamale lady stops by. Conversation ranges from start ups to local heavy metal. When the sun is out, don't miss it.
Have you ever found yourself at a bar enjoying a refreshing beverage and think to yourself, "I wish there was some way I could enjoy home-cooked tamales right now"? Well, if you like to go out in and around the Mission District of San Francisco, you are in luck. The Tamale Lady of San Francisco appears out of no where with her cart full of little grenade shaped gems right when you need one most. Be sure to give her a tip...it's well worth it.

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