West End

Address: West End, The Bahamas

Latitude: 26.5284720

Longitude: -78.6965830

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Categories: Culture

Tags: $, Family


This area is not frequented by locals throughout the week, however it is a retreat for us and allows us to slow down our daily work lives to a very calm quiet home away from home. Because of how far it is from the central part of Grand Bahama. It is a home away from home for persons like myself. There some of the best cracked lobster, conch salads, and conch fritters are served. Persons like myself enjoy this place with family and or friends. It is like a Bahamian family island in itself.

Other than being a good place to go, it is also a historic site, the place where pirates, buccaneers and rum runners used to congregate centuries ago. And finally the beach in West End is beautiful and the people there a friendly!

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