Bayshore Road

Address: West End, The Bahamas

Latitude: 26.6866896

Longitude: -78.9712451

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Categories: Culture

Tags: Popular, Family


West End is a historic fishing village with a rich and colorful past filled with famous celebrities and characters such as - Al Capone, President Richard Nixon, and Adam Clayton Powell. Today the community is undergoing an upgrade thanks to the Ginn West End Foundation. A new fishing dock and boat ramp along with a new food and beverage vendor stall area is underway. This will enhance the community and encourage more visitors to the Western end of the island.

The oldest building on Grand Bahama is the Star Hotel, stop by to see Robert Grant, owner who will be happy to share with you the history of the building and West End. A must stop to the Chicken's Nest at the eastern end of Bayshore Road as you enter the village is a very popular spot for locals and tourists looking for down home food and authentic Bahamian culture. Many numerous fisherman provide fresh fish and conch to buy and will share stories and bragging rights wot the number one fisherman are in the village. Miss Ann's 4 Kids Gift Shop offers a number of hand made crafts and conch shells for sale.

West End is the home of hospitality and look forward to welcoming you to our historic village.

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