Al-tahreer street, at the river nile, in Dumyat city

Address: Damietta, Dumyat, Egypt

Latitude: 31.4218410

Longitude: 31.8133200

Time Zone: Central Africa Time

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Cities embrace you and the cities of pronunciation and a reminder for Atwood return and the anniversary of beloved buildings remain strong in mind and the streets of Atnmahi change features and Damietta, Ras Al Bar do not have, but Thoudnhma when Ieanagak all the time described Ibn Battuta Damietta past it (the wall of candy and dogs goats) which Damietta his wall surrounded and climbing by banana trees and goats walk by instead of the dogs and left a me now this scene ... ... .. see goats walking in the streets and there is no owner or feature of the city and if the banana was surrounded by old Damietta itself Mozah is the sea, river, lake and when you think any places to take a picture of Damietta expressed ... ... ... .. You need to days and thousands of images to be expressed by the expression Dqiqaa

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