i need to know which is the best resort on santosa island to stay with my family, i have 2 kids. please tell me thanks sunny


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There are a few top end resorts and hotels you might want to check out. The very established Rasa Sentosa Resort and the refurbished Sentosa Spa and Resort (formerly the Beaufort Sentosa) are two.

Newly opened are the Amara Sanctuary Resort and the top end Capella Singapore where villas are available.

Then there is the Sentosa Beach Resort with beachfront property (then again, every place is near a beach anyway).

Quite a few things to see and do on Sentosa and the mainland is a short hop away so even if you want cheaper accommodation on Singapore itself, you can find yourself on Sentosa within 30 minutes. Check out sites like and for more information. Hope you enjoy yourself.
Hi Sunny,

Is this your first time to Singapore? How many days are you here for? Sentosa is a little island South East of Singapore, but conveniently connected to the main island. There are many things to see and do at Sentosa.

From now till 28th June, there's a Sentosa Summerfest at Palawan beach, fun for the whole family. Incidentally, there are 3 beaches in Sentosa, all connected via free shuttle buses.
There are 7 Hotels and Spa Resorts at Sentosa:

1) Amara Sanctuary Resort
2) Capella Singapore - 7 Star hotel
3) Costa Sands Resort
4) Rasa Sentosa Resort
5) Siloso Beach Resort
6) The Sentosa Resort & Spa
7) Treasure Resort

Each have their own specialities. The most popular ones being Rasa Sentosa and Siliso Beach Resprt.

Take a look at and you can get a LOT more details on the various activites in Sentosa.

If you need any more help and translation from Hindi, feel free to contact me.

Hi there,
one of the best (in my opinion) is the Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel. This resort provides a full-hotel facilities. It is located on the western part of Sentosa and offers a stunning sunset view. It is close to the island transportation as well. Beach is just 3 mins walk-away. Costa Sand Resort only offer good aoocmodation minus all hotel facilites and it is usually occupied by locals. Most of the time, it is fully-booked. If you are going for accomodation that comes with service, the Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel is the one for you.
There are various resorts in Sentosa island ranging from luxury to budget. It all depends on your budget and what you hope to get out of this holiday.

These are the various resorts in Sentosa
1) Amara Sanctuary Resort:Luxury
2) Capella Singapore - 7 Star hotel:Luxury
3) Costa Sands Resort:Mid range, they also have the Sentosa Huts. These huts are air-conditioned and offers a good view of the sea.
4) Rasa Sentosa Resort:Mid range to luxury
5) Siloso Beach Resort:same as above
6) The Sentosa Resort & Spa:Luxury
7) Treasure Resort
More information can be obtained from , and check out eBay for offers on attractions within Sentosa itself.

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