Iam currently working in Namibia but frequently travel to South Africa is it possible to convert my Namibian Licence to South African...

...even if Iam not a permanent resident of South Africa.


Country: South Africa


hi Patrick
as far as i knw u wont get a SA one if u not a citizen
if u have an international Driver lisence then its perfectly acceptable in SA -
but as a NON SA citizen u wud nt be able to get 1
hpe this helps
namibia is part of the SADC countries and licences are valid in all SADC countries As guide I travel in namibia quite often and my licence states all SADC countries so you dont need an international licence
Yep, as Johan has replied, you have no fear o f driving in SA with your Nam drivers licence. You are most welcome to do so!
The AA will assist you here and advise accordingly

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