What to wear in Lima in beginning of July?


Country: Peru


With a sweater and a jacket is enough, the humidity is the thing, 100% it's cold but no less than 13ºC in the worst day, normally 15 to 17ºC, some rain only a bit, saludos
it can be a little cold , so a light jacket or light jumper,
but lima can still be humid.
it depends on where you from, couse for us its cold, but if your country is colder, a jacket is enoght
Lima can be pretty cold in July, you will need a sweater or a light jacket, long pants could be jeans, and socks and shoes or sport shoes.
July is winter time ,down to 14 degrees c , because of humidity you feel colder. Jeans are ok all day and night.
Long sleeve recomended or a polar jacket, sometimes you only need a thin top wear like a sweatshirt
no rain in Lima, only tiny little drops some times ....
somedays lima's weather can be very tricky, it can be sunny and hot at 11am and at 3pm it's all grey and cold and then at night we usually get to 17ºC which is cold for us, but for a person that comes from a place where temperature gets below cero then it's nothing you'd do fine and don't put too much clothes on specially if you're gonna walk because then you get all sweaty.

Well you got already quite good answer - however - if you want to go whale or dolphin watching at sea you still need sunscreen in the Peruvian winter and if you want to go scuba diving you need to rent a seven milimeter wetsuit :-) check it out at
Well you got already quite good answers - however - if you want to go whale or dolphin watching at sea you still need sunscreen in the Peruvian winter and if you want to go scuba diving you need to rent a seven milimeter wetsuit :-) check it out at
July is winter in Peru. Lima gets chilly and foggy at times. The temperature drops to the low 60s. So basically pack a sweater. If you come to Cusco, expect temps below 30 at night. Good luck.
you must bring hot clothes, and just in case some t-shirts
We are on winter (17°- 14°) if you came from a hot place you are going to feel cold, but if you live some times in snow, there is no problem. The people use to wear a jacket or a sweater and jeans.
July is winter in Lima, but temperature in Lima never goes below 13º although humidity makes feel it cooler. But at least all depend where you come from, if you live in a place where winter time is strong. so you can be here as your spring time. I think that a simple sweter and a jacket could be enough. Sometimes rains at the begining of july; we call it garua, tiny drops which fall continously for ten or a half our. the streets tourn in a soapy place take care.

Have a good time in Limna Enjoy!!!!!!
The weather in Lima is fairly variable in the winter months (winter here, summer in the northern hemisphere). Generally it's foggy, humid, sometimes fairly cool but now and then the sun will break through and it can get quite warm. Lima is a desert city and it very rarely rains! Don't bring a heavy raincoat but do bring a jacket, sweatshirt and layers you can easily change.
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Hahaha... people say that July is the "coldest" month of the year. It is true... temperature goes down to 15ºC -53ºF... and people cry for the "ice cold in Lima".

I would personally recommend you to use just light jackets and normal jeans. Wheather is very humid, but not cold, so there's practicly nothing to complain about.

And remember, always visit the warm Museum of Italian Art
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Museum of Italian Art
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(Next to Sheraton Hotel)
Historic Centre of Lima
Phone: 4239932
Open from Tuesday to Fridays: 10 am- 5 pm.
Saturdays: 11 am- 3 pm.
Just some medium warm clothing
We are in winter , so if you are from a cold place like northern Usa or other you wont feel cold but if you are from southern Usa you will , the temperature is like 15-17 cent wich means 50-60 f aprox, is really wet the sensation of cold is really strange

good luck

Jose Antonio

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