How's the weather in Singapore in November? Would it be good month to go there?


Country: Singapore


Weather is not a concern in Singapore. It is pretty constant year round as we are almost sitting on the equator (just 1 degree north).

If pushed to name 4 seasons here (don't really exist), they'd be hot&wet, hot&dry, cool&dry and cool&wet. November falls in the last category but cool means a drop of about 2 degrees C from hot and there's always a chance of rain whenever in the year.

In any case, you'll be spending most of your time indoors sightseeing or shopping (who comes to Singapore for the great outdoors???) so weather does not play a major part.

In short, anytime's a good time to come to Singapore!
November will be consider quite a good month to come. But pls prepare an umbrella in your bag as it may rain anytime is singapore. Weather over here in unpredictable
Hi, it will be hot and showers are expected.
you can chek the forecast at

or simply Google :Singpore Weather Station for the latest forecast & updates.
it is always a good time to come to singapore, the weather is always the same, hot and sticky, lowest 24 degrees, and always a high of around 32-35 degrees
It's always rain or shine here...The temp range will be arnd 24-38 degree Celsius the most. If you do not want to get wet, then always prepare a portable small umbrella is your bag.
Erm, 38 degrees? The highest ever recorded was 35.8. I'd say for November, it should be between 23 and 31 with an average of 28.

You know the old joke that say Singapore only ever needs one weather forecast the whole year round: "Today will be sunny with showers in several areas with temperatures between 25 and 32 and a relative humidity between 65 and 95 percent." :)
anytime is a good time to visit Singapore. Considering the climate change, there's actually no fix season nowadays however Oct till Dec use to be wet period. Nonetheless, weather can be quite erractic. Having said all these, weather is not really an issue in Singapore.
Singapore has 3 major weather patterns: HOT, WET, HOT & WET!
So, come to Singapore anytime but remember to Carry Your Umbrella, Carry Your Umbrella and Carry Your Umbrella!

Have Fun!
The weather in November is generally cooler as compared to hotter months like May to July. And there will usually be more rain. Do carry an umbrella to block off the sun and rain.

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