Do I need a Shegen Visa?

I have a Austrian work visa, can I use that or do I have to get a Shegen Visa to visit the neighbouring countries.


Country: Austria


As far as I know, there still are boarder controls in the East (Slovakia, Hungary, Check Rep.), so you need a valid passport. But for the other countries (Slovenia, Germany, Italy) you theoretically don't need anything to cross the boarder. However, it's always good to have your passport with you.:)

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Well as long as you have a work visa, you can visit ALL neighboring countries including Switzerland. That was my case and I never heard of this shengen visa you are talking about.
The work visa is sticked into the passport, so you always have both.To make it double sure - call austrian embassy in your area.
Yep, you can travel through all Shengen countries with the visa for one shengen country...
enjoy your travels!
Yes, u can travel, but there should be a limitation of days which u can stay in other countries (u've AUSTRIAN visa, u should stay more days in Austria then in other countries). But to be sure check it in embassy.

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