What are the conditions/requirements for a visit/tourist visa for an Indian national to Bahrain for a 2 week visit?


Country: Bahrain


are you any gulf country resident?
No, I am resident in India and work in tourism. My Idea of Bharain is purely to visit and also meet with my niece and her husband living there. I never had, nor do I have any intentions whatsoever to find a job or such thing anywhere outside India. If I wished to do that, I would have done that when I was in my 20's and nowt now when I am over
A local sponsor must apply for your visit visa, normally valid for one month, and can be extended up to a maximum of three months. Take note also that you can not work or engage in business activities during this time. However, it is common knowledge that this is how many would get into Bahrain and look for a job where they can get a permanent visa. Also, if you are a resident of any GCC countries for at least six months, you can also acquire a visit visa to Bahrain.

Bahrain has the most relaxed visa rules among the GCC countries. However, the costs have dramatically increase recently.
If you have friends in Bahrain they can act as your sponser. Additionally you can work through your embassy to gain all of the specific requirements.
Visa is an issue in Bahrain.
Especially because Bahrain is quite open and it is usually easy to get a Visa. So many people coming to Bahrain with the hope to find a job. I don't know the regulations for Idian Nationalities, but if you get an visa on arrival you can extend your visa up to 1 month in the local Immigration Office in Bahrain/Manama
the best thing you can do is visiting . this amazing website has all the links and information about bahrain. Good luck and dont hesitate in asking.

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