Malaysian children studying in Singapore?

I've heard that there are some people from Johor, Malaysia who sends their children to school in Singapore. Can you tell me more about that? What schools accept Malaysian children and how are their educational standards? What about school fees and at what age can a child start going to school? How do they get to school- school bus, commute? Thank you.


Country: Singapore


From what I am aware that dates back to some 30 years... as a parent, you first need to be accepted by the school of your choice, which is yr 1st priority to encounter. Reasonable and encouraging details can be obtained from the said educational Institute or simply contact the Ministry of Education and you will get the necessary information catered for foreign students who are capable of studying in Singapore. Copy-paste this link into yr browser>>:

It cannot be envisioned for a daily commuting between JB and across the causeway just to be on time to attend the class, it is simply impractical and certainly, an undue stress for the child.

Singapore does indeed holds pride to its very high standards for the educational streams... I wish you all the success with your future hopes in your child...:)

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