My wife and i are in our mid forties and wish to travel to Thailand in mid November this year for 15 nights. We have already been to...

...Bangkok. We would like to take a twin centre holiday. We like to relax during the day and have access at night to a nearby town with good hustle and bustle, food, restaurants. Can you suggest an itenary and good 4 or 5 star hotels. What is the most cost effective way to travel from the UK and airport transfers.Would it be best to hire a car? What are the must do activities sights etc. Regards E


Country: Thailand


Hi E,

it really depends on what you want to be close to, the beach, the mountains, nothing much. There are some beautiful beach resorts on islands such as Koh Samui or Phuket that are within easy reach of busy towns. Or there are similar, and cheaper on the mainland in towns like Hua Hin or Pattaya. If you don't want to be by the sea then look at Chiang Mai. All of these are fabulous places and offer quite diverse towns and resorts.

There are some very cheap flight deals around at the moment. I have just seen 339.00GBP from London to Bangkok with Etihad - unbelievable. Car hire isn't that cheap and the insurance, unless you use somebody like Hertz etc, is always a bit suspect, if there is any at all! Regarding your airport transfer, where are you going? If it is into Bangkok then you will pay around 3-400 Baht depending on destination.
As for must-do activities, that really depends on where you are and what you would like to see, history, culture, scenery and so on. Give us some more information and there is a whole army of guys on here who would love to help .

Hope that helps for now and i wish you a fabulous trip to Thailand.
Ok not sure about the twin centre bit though, I presume mainland and Phuket or the islands?
Ok on the mainland, Hua Hin, Phang Na Bay and Krabi for a start.
Then onto Phuket, Patong for relaxing during the day then action in Soi Bangla in the night.
For the hotels check out , prices and specials vary so much at the moment, due to the global downturn.
Or you can hit Koh Phi Phi and relax in the day and party like mad every single night.

For flights try to get direct to Bangkok then onto Phuket from there, or take a road journey to Krabi and Phang Na Bay.

Hiring a car is safer than riding a motorbike, beware of hidden costs and insurance may be extra. Make sure you bring your international drivers licence with you.

Activities, bars, scuba diving, dancing, shows, sightseeing, boat charters, resturants and of course meeting the locals. Sights on Phuket, are the Big Bhudda, Wat Chalong, the Katu waterfalls, Ao Po waterfalls, James Bond rock, Phi Phi islands.
Hope this helps and have a wonderful time. Any extra help for Phuket you can email me.
I would suggest Phuket, Hotel Kata Thani in Kata Beach, far from the noise during the day and quite close to Patong Beach to go at night. There is no need to hire a car, you can get plenty of taxis or tuk-tuks in the island. Restaurant to go: On The Rocks; show: Phuket Fantasea.
There are many options for you in Thailand,Pattaya is by far the closest to BKK with beaches and great hotels or condos for rent.There is also alot of nightlife with shows,bars and fantastic restaurants galore.Anything you want from shopping and gardens to golf and waterpark.
Hua Hin is also close to BKK but plays host to a more reserved holiday great for relaxing but limited nightlife.
Kho Samui has everything yo want with nightlife,great beaches and day time activities ranging from waterfalls to scuba diving.
Phuket area also plays host to great beaches,nightlife,shows,good food and watersports as well.You cannot go wrong in any of these spots and they all offer you a little different feel in each place.
I am presently in Canada now but will travel back to Pattaya come November ya can talk more..subject Thailand email me rotorbreeze at usa dot net..kinda busy now but ya will enjoy what I have in mind in visiting is a site..Bangkok interplace..check out google for more not book now but ya can see it is priced well, booking on line will cost..but have a friend whom stays full time and books room for me 700 baht..swimming pool on top, AC tub will hot water! and shower..4 star treatment..good more gota run..rotor
Hi there
mid November is the best time to come. Jomtien, our guesthouse would make an ideal centre for part of your holiday because you will be staying with a real Thai family. We also offer a full range of service to take you to or tell you about all the local sites. It really is a wonderful base. Have a look at our website and you will get a taste of what I mean.
The nearby town is vibrant and offers a full range of things to do, day and night. We can also take you to places in the locality that are really Thai but are not in any guide books.
A super hotel 4/5 star hotel in Jomtien is Cabbages and Condoms - don't be put off by the name. They were given one million dollars by Bill Gates for their charity work and all their profits go to charity.
I would not advise hiring a car unless you are familiar with the way Thai people drive. Basically there are no rules as long as you do not hit anyone you are OK. it took me two years to start driving on Thai roads.
The taxi from the airport costs about 1300 bahts. Local open buses cost next to nothing and you can hire a car with a guide - me! for up to four people for 2,500 Baht a day to visit places that are not even in the local guide books.
Whatever you do, enjoy your time in Thailand.
Get back to me if you need any more specific guidance.
Hia well I am from the UK and been living here nearly four years so my advice about driving is -its a bit daunting without experience as Thais have their own unique style which can intimidate the "green" Brit. Busses are easy to get and plentiful as well as cheap also there are many private van services which are fast and cheap as well as trains so why not relax and watch the scenery instead of the guy tailgating you with lights flashing!
I can recommend my town of Pakchong at the gateway to the Kowyai national park only two hours northeast of Bangkok and different from the boozy seaside haunts popular with younger Brits. You can relax in some nice hotels and see the fabulous scenery (or stay at my riverside resort that is inexpensive and relaxing)during the day and November December is COWBOY season where the whole town is cowboy mad with many festivals and attractions as well as a plethora of markets. It is also cooler than Bangkok and therefore High season for Thais who like to feel the cooler climate (still hot and sunny during the day though). You can see loads of wildlife as well so give it a go and let me know.
Sounds good your request. I would suggest the "Eastern Sea-
bord" from Bang Saen down to Jomtien.
Substantially: Relax on daytime at Jomtien Beach and enjoy
the Night-Life at Pattaya. Once here, you find on yourself
what suits/tastes you both.
I recommend you NARIS' ART HOTEL between Pattaya and Jomtien. See:
Happy Holiday and Welcome to the most Exciting Area in SE Asia.
Dear E

The Pattaya City is very famous for tourist. It's far from Bangkok 2 hours by car. You can reach the public bus at EASTERN BUS TERMINAL (EKAMAI in Thai) from Bangkok to Pattaya. It's depart from Bangkok hourly.

Pattaya City has many hotels. Marriott, Dusit Resort , Amari Orchid , These are in the city near shopping mall.
You can see the Pattaya Night Life nearly there.

Usnee Rattanasombat
Nearest seaside resort to Bangkok is Pattaya, easily accessible by bus for around 100 bht every 30 minutes. Its not everyones cup of tea but has several top hotels and restaurants..and very good for shopping. However the beaches are not so good. An alternative is Koh Chang, about 1000bht per person inc ferries etc. Some wonderful spots and a real feel of Thailand. Also in the Koh Chang archipaeligo(? spelling ) are some islands as good as anywhere in SE Asia.
If you have already been to Bangkok, then Chiang Mai and Kor Samui (or Phuket) would be a good twin center holiday itinerary. You can easily find cheap flights for inbound travel in Thailand with budget airlines such as AirAsia () or NokAir (). A flight Bangkok-Chiang Mai, for example, cost only 30pounds (sometime less if you get a special rate discount). Renting a car is definitely a good idea, especially around place like Chiang Mai. It will allow you to freely see the country side and will be bound to meet joyful and helping locals. Around Chiang Mai, I suggest that you hit places like Pai (to the northwest) or Chiang Rai (to the northeast), places with beautiful mountainous scenery. If you go to Chiang Rai, maybe you could go on and reach the off the tourist trail village of Doi Mae Salong. This is a lovely Chinese village in the hills surrounded by tea plantations. In these part of the country it will be harder to find 4 or 5 stars hotel, but you can still find some very good hillside resorts. In northern Thailand, most tourists enjoy doing elephant riding, trekking and Thai cooking classes. The Night Safari in Chiang Mai is also very worth seeing. When booking for an hotel in Chiang Mai, based on your preference, you should book it near the Night Market. After 5-7 days near Chiang Mai, you could take a flight down to the islands where the main attraction is to enjoy the beaches. I guess Samui is a good choice, because it has a lots of good 4 or 5 stars hotel near busy areas and beautiful beaches, but no high-rise buildings that would have made it look like a city. Enjoy your holiday in Thailand.
Been in Bangkok already, OK. If you don't care for beaches, visit Chiang mai. There are many good hotels for reasonable prices. If you do like the sea and beaches, visit Koh Samui or Krabi or Phuket (or all 3)

You will have a great time in Thailand anyhow no matter where you go.
I am taking my 77yr old father to Thailand in Sept. I found return flights for as little as £200. Stanstead to KL direct on Airasia. A connecting flight to BKK or Phuket or Krabi will cost roughly £50. I live on Ko Lanta. Its an island in the Krabi region. Has all you require.
The best airlines for cheap flights are the Middle East airlines, like Gulf Air.

You can relax anywhere in Thailand during the day and then go exploring at night.

For 4 to 5 * hotels, the cost can vary from 1,500 to 8,000 THB per night, but you can get some very nice, but not top notch hotels for as little as 850 baht per night. It depends on what you really want.

As for activities, don't book a car, buses and trains are cheap, as well as budget airlines. Air Asia is cheap and a quick way to go from city to city.

You should try Bangkok and say Phuket. At Phuket, you can visit Koh Phi Phi and the famous James bond island at Phang Nga.

If jungles and mountains are more your thing, try going to Chiang Mai.

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