can i know where the good place for mountain climb or adventure travel?


Country: New Zealand


Hi, Doesnt matter where you go in New Zealand there is a great many outdoor activities to do. Queenstown is the most known and popular distanation for adventure tourism and Able Tasman near Nelson.
Hi there are so many good places for mountain depends on what level you are at if you are a professional mountain climber go down to the south island to mt cook national park........if you are walking up a mountain then central north island of new zealand has tongariro national park with three mountains. mt ruapehu, mount ngaruahoe and mt can walk up or around or over all of these.
There are many good locations. Try Queenstown in the South Island.
i can only agree with Queenstown, had lots of fun there
for Mountain climbing you definitely want to check out the South Island - Mt Cook is the highest mountain and is an accessible climb for experienced climbers. Others include Mt Aspiring, the Darren Mountains, Mt Earnslaw. I'd recommend going climbing with a local guiding company, or at least someone who has experience with climbing in NZ as the conditions can be pretty full on! Adventure places - definitely Queenstown and Rotorua are the places to be!

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