I'm soon heading for Australia & New Zealand. I hope to meet Localyte peers over there when Spring shows up... ;) If you are one, let... know just as well, all are welcome :)). We are going over for our 3rd Honeymoon holiday for our 28th Anniversary. What will you suggest? Our hearts R still young & throbbing for our age? We shall set aside some 10 - 12 days for NZ. Driving is our choice.


Country: New Zealand


It is really beautiful to drive around the New Zealand country, but the roads are windy and most are only one lane so it is time consuming though N.Z. is fairly small.
I know specifics about the North Island since I live in Auckland, (it takes an 8 hour to get down to Wellington, which is at the bottom of the North Island, Auckland is 3/4 way up the North Island). The North Island makes up 1/3 of N.Z. land area, while South Island makes up the rest. I dont know the geography of the South Island, but there are much taller peaks and longer roads - plus colder there but great experience i.e. Lord of the Rings was filmed there!
TQ Gil for yr fine & concise response, excellent! I agree about the size of NZ as oppose to Ozzyland but my wife thinks there's a bountiful of cultural richness to view & appreciate in yr country and although I have little knowledge abt the film, personally..., not a film buff I must admit, she's keen to include the Hobbits habitat in our visit over there as well upon arrival in Auckland.

Before setting off the following day towards the south, is there a chance to meet and perhaps be guided to a recommended place to visit by Auckland itself? What kind of kWh plugs are used in NZ? Also, while on the roads, how consistant & reliable is WiFi, GPS and GSM(mobile phone) coverage can one be assured of? For accommodation, are hotel vouchers popular and which do you advise? Is 4x4 or AWD rental recommended or a regular vehicle is more than adequate? We're definitely not backpacking but as for footwear goes, anything to advise on which kind of boots or shoe type is to be considered?
Wonderful Gil and a reservation on one of your services has been made. You have one heading yr way... please confirm and lets continue from the email addy provided.

Cheersch to you as we say in Holland...

Good choice for coming over to NZ. You have to do a road trip round the South Island. I would recommend spending more time in the South Island, (I'm a South Islander. If its for you honeymoon, i would recommend going through Central Otago, it's georgous in spring and the mountains are still snowed capped, i would suggest popping into some of the vineyards, they make the best wine in Central. after that i would recommend spending some time at Hamner Springs. Thats in Mid Canterbury, bout 5 hours drive from Central Otago. It's home to a thermal retreat, and in spring the mountains will be snowed covered and it would be really romantic. If your over early enough in spring, the ski feilds should all still be open in the South island. This year is looking like a bumper season, they've all just reasantly had some really good early snow. driving in the South Island is pretty easy, the distances are quite long though, its about 12 hours to drive from Picton to Invercargill. I would also recommend driving from central Otago to Hamner Spring via the West Coast and over Arthurs Pass. if you have time and i would strongly recommend going to see either Doubtful or Milford Sounds. they are both breathe taking, and if your over here in early spring they may still be in offpeak season pricing. i hope that help. enjoy your trip.
Hi, For a Spring Honeymoon I believe a trip to the Bay of Islands [Nth of Auckland] and around Coromandel would be a great way to spend 10 or 12 days. If you are into boating or fishing or just dolphin watching the Bay of Islands is the place to go. Awesome beach coves around Coromandel and you can check out several locations where well known Lord of the Rings and Narnia Movies were filmed. I am from Wellington but have visited both these places at this time of year. Hope you enjoy your visit.
Hi, For a Spring Honeymoon I believe a trip to the Bay of Islands [Nth of Auckland] and around Coromandel would be a great way to spend 10 or 12 days. If you are into boating or fishing or just dolphin watching the Bay of Islands is the place to go. Awesome beach coves around Coromandel and you can check out several locations where well known Lord of the Rings and Narnia Movies were filmed. I am from Wellington but have visited both these places at this time of year. Hope you enjoy your visit.
Your best choice for a 12 day visit would without doubt be the South Island. Within easy reach from Christchurch is the Mount Cook National park,Tasman Glacial lake, Fox Glacier by Helicopter or Fixed Wing Aircraft. Queenstown, Bungee Jumping, Jet Boating and fantastic scenery. North of Christchurch, Hanmer Springs thermal resort and Kaikoura whale watch and a swim with the dolphins.You will find lots of exciting things to fill your twelve days. We can take you on a hot air balloon trip too. Just get in touch for a specific plan and let us know whether you would prefer to hire a car and travel on your own or whether you would like to be driven around and personally escorted. We would be happy to put together an ittinery for you. One that would make your third honeymoon a truly memorable one. Look forward to hearing fro you. Cheers John
Hi Sarah, Stan & John... that is wonderful to note on the options spiralling in!!! Yes, a balloon experience for us hovering the sights would be an experience for my wife. No bungee jumping for sure, am a parachutee myself once (military) and its safer than deliberately trying to wreck/dislocate the vertebrae...LoL.

I certainly will PM you John as rental is our choice but which type is adequate? 4x4 / AWD or just regular car? Btw, are diesel cars for rental available too? I just responded above with several other q'ns... can any of you kindly let me know, thanks a bountiful and I'm very elated by the responses thus far... excellent lookouts and it feels heartwarming already for the snow capped to view at. Yes, a boat trip down the Milford Sounds as Sarah suggested would be great too!
Hi there! Well based in Auckland, and having worked as a personal tour operator for 6 years, with only 10-12 days I would suggest a combine fly drive. Dom flights are cheap at the moment. It would help me to know which area you are from. Key tour points should include Bay of islands, Rotorua, Queenstown. When exactly are you coming over? Winter does present some challenges if driving in some areas.
Sorry saw other parts of the log now. NZ and Aust uses 240 volt power. Around Auckland itself, while there is public transport, I do suggest a private tour, ave about NZ$75-85 per hour, and should include the waterfront area,as well as the volcanic (non active) peaks suck as Mt Eden or Mt Victoria. If its fine do a harbour cruise if you have time!
TQ Tony, thats a great tip which is also considered. Appears inevitable, fly and drive to get around easily and to see where one wishes. Is the 240v receptor-plug like that of the UK? Being squarish and 3-pin? I have several types in the years of collection and it helps to know which to take along or buy yet again, a new type. Have never been to Australia & NZ y'see. Will look up at ROM. Are they prop-driven shuttle service planes for the region? Anniversary is in September, spending three weeks in Spore & Malaysia followed by Australia & yr country for 3 weeks thereafter. What local cuisine should we be made aware of to be prepared for something of a change when in NZ in contrast to exotic spicy foods tasted earlier in the two Asian countries visited earlier?
well im thnking 12 days mount manganui is like australia gold cost dnt get me wrong bt its a hot location bay of island is beautiful ya gota c that jst rite hahahah and if ur looking at going down south its a whole new world down there christchurch is a gud place very english style an hahaha i betta not forget queens town it my be cold but its really beautiful the best way to do all these fun thngs is to hire with escape its a really gud choice ima tell ya all nce warm campa van kitchen kool way to cruse around hope my info is handy
{well im thnking 12 days mount manganui is like australia gold cost dnt get me wrong bt its a hot location bay of island is beautiful ya gota c that jst rite hahahah and if ur looking at going down south its a whole new world down there christchurch is a gud place very english style an hahaha i betta not forget queens town it my be cold but its really beautiful the best way to do all these fun thngs is to hire with escape its a really gud choice ima tell ya all nce warm campa van kitchen kool way to cruse around hope my info is handy}

Hi there ladies... coz I see three in yr pic... ;)

Thanx for yr suggestions too. Will consider them as well, am giving ourselves enough leeway and time for sure is still available, to carefully chart out the many POIs along the routes, albeit alternate or decided. I'm going to buy me extra SD cards for my Oly cam on this trip! Wud be great to meet up and swing the night out in yr city even tho Gil had earlier mentioned abt Auckland not being a real clubber's spot in one of his service packages. Let me know what you have plan or can plan for "Come September"... :) Did any of you seen this movie btw?
september is an alrite tym of year wen the weater is not cold not hot jst rite
Thanx for the pointer Jaimee. Pardon my mistake, looking just from the thumbnail, I thought you were a young lady until I went into yr profile which displayed a larger snap. If I may and not wanting o pep any advise on lingo you use, yr 1st response which I read was appreciated for the tips given. However, I did have some effort pulled in to comprehend your grammar and was assuming that to be a Kiwi lingo. Noting yr age viewed from yr profile, I now understand...LoL. its like text messaging vocab and grammar the current cell-phone crazy generation is accustom in applying...
We probably would spend a day and half in Auckland upon arrival and move southwards thereafter to explore the other POI that we are compiling. ;)

Hotel vouchers on reasonably priced and reputably clean with commendable services will be considered, any suggestions anyone? Who or which chain accommodation and their website I can quickly browse at? We usually book at the Sheraton but this is subject to nature of visit and the location of the polluted city and there's plenty out there! Am not honoring my Hilton Honors for some time since but at places like NZ and outlying unpolluted regions of Australia, 5-6 star hotels is not a practical and topm priority option visitors check on their list.

Remember, as a Travel guru/guide you someday wish to be, lodgings are the main cost on any budget when a travel tour is taken out. Its good for a day or two or three attending a Seminar or Convention or biz meeting... but with a relax holiday with passionate expectations, the tie and/or bow to formal dressing is left behind and more is preferably spent on cherishing sights and cultural beauty which many foreign tourist spots holds ready for visitors to spend more time feeling enriched for every dollars worth. :)
If you're coming for a honeymoon, you should do some 'romantic' things! I would recommend Awaroa Lodge in the Able Tasman National Park - . Great Barrier ISland is also amazing. I would recommend Bay Lodge Cottage: . Hamner Springs in the South Island is amazing - would recommend the Heritage Hotel there. Would also recommend Matarangi Beach in the Coromandel - Blue Penguin can help with making a booking at a holiday home: . Hope this provides some good options!
Thats a heavenly hue with the romantic options suggested Heather!! Awesome.... my humble thanks for the tips and we'll note that on the list of sexciting growing options to check on. Thank YOU. It does rejuvenate the thrill towards this trip going down under and you guides are right where you are, on your own homestead... where else!!

Thumbs UP to you too Heather... :)))

Romance has various angles and facets that are lined with lifestyle and age. We shall manifest and rewind ours yet again that takes us back 40 years to our teen years and it has always been fantabulous to reach this far... and looking for many more years ahead and we hope, with your valued recommendations, this trip will be added again to our happiness.. thank you once again.

I hope there is opportunity as well to meet you wonderful peers being so far away.

When we reach as far as Christchurch, perhaps leave the rental car there, can anyone suggest further about a suitable flight back to Sydney?
Kia Ora, I am from Auckland but now live in the SouthIsland.I would say that the South Island is the place to be in the Spring.They have beautiful mountains,and beautiful lakes down here.One place I suggest you check out is Queenstown.Beautiful place,for your Honeymoon,your wife would love it.People are very friendly.Its so beautiful with the snow and the colours of the trees.
Kia Ora to you Sandy... :)
The first two words I have just picked up...;)
It was my wife that decided NZ would be a better place to spend more time than my original choice to tour Sydney and around and hopping over to Hobart for that smaller piece of island...

I can now see her Kiwi choice blossoming from all you wonderful guides in New Zealand. She will be absolutely happy I'm sure and it has impressed me equally too and I look forward to "Come September/October" with touring your beautiful country. She wanted to visit the Hobbit's habitat... I wonder whyyyyy... hmmm and I recall the film "The Castaways" I saw back in 1961.

What other places shall I note down? We may then stretch our stay of NZ to a little over 16 days after a week or longer in Australia in this case.
im thnkn christchch great ppl good place
Noted too... TQ Jamiee :)
We are from the beautiful Marlborough Sounds largely over looked by people these 1600km's of shoreline that are encapsulated by the land offer some unique experiences, it is still possible to moor in place where you don't see another person all day or stay in fabulous populated accommodation. Not far from the Marlborough wineries, a quality skifield (Rainbow) fishing, tramping and boating. The quaint tourist village of Havelock boasts "The Greenshell Mussel Capital of the World" With 1,000's of tonnes of mussels being farmed in the area, you can visit the farms, take some mussels and cook them on a boat fresh as a daisy! Snapper are still popular fishing at most times of year and Dolphins often play along side the boats. As always you can organise anything. For plugs try this link . Cheers Ian Hague
Outrageous!!! :)) Mussels??? I luv mussels when dining at Brussels by us....
Yes, strangely enough, the best mussels gets steamed in wine and relished as a main meal with Tartar sauce and served French fries (friet) with a glass of white wine or Belgian beer. It is preferably tasted in Belgium while the mussels are from Holland.

TQ Ian, Mandy for the Marlborough vine tip & Rainbow meals suggested. Yes, snapper is another heck, I luv deep sea fishing as a matter of fact but thats not something I yearn on a honeymoon and my wife isn't a fancier of trouts or fishing about. Well, I'll be delighted to drive down or up to that place and spent a good resting day musseling away... another good opportunity to taste yr country's wine too. Feel welcome to PM me through this site's PM feature and let me know how we can meet somehow when we approach your location.
I have just downloaded the GPS maps (Aus + NZ) on my unit to prepare me for the long drives.

Appreciate again on the link reg. the kWh plugs for your region.
Greetings from The Hague... - Gun.
Hi Gun
We also have several species of fresh clams, Crayfish and lots more goodies we can find now I know that sea food tickles your fancy. I don't know if you can have contact outside of localyte, can I supply you my e-mail address?
Hiya Ian ;)
Yes, I'm switched to sea food but still on the lookout with cholesterol readouts... my wife places me on that gauge.

Of course you may with yr addy. Better still, look up on my Localyte link page and pose that question (beneficial & mutual for us both) in the Ask button and I'll reciprocate from there :)

Sweet & meaty Tiger prawns, abalone, chilli crab and fish head in Indian curry are my favs... I'll gladly drown myself with hours treating my gourmet-hungry appetite at the table when above are served.... yummy!
Hi Gun
I might know a lot about my area but I can't make the site work for me so here goes manzian at xtra dot co dot nz.
Hi Ian,

Whatever you did, it sure went strange with yr side...??? Anyway, all you need to do is click on my Gun name you see here above and it'll take you to my Localytte site where you randomly pick a Service and state yr question to me... doesn't matter, any service button of mine will do.

I mailed to your suggested email (you don't need to break it up really, just state it like it is.. its OK.) and it bounced and message truncated as well.

I post again here or you might be wondering if I was ever going to respond when it was blocked by server being, yr addy is non existant.

Here is what I sent out>>:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

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DNS Error: Domain name not found

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 3:38 AM,
Subject: Itinerary & routes

Hi Ian,

Is your Guide Service done actively by you & yr wife?

I will be happy to receive your proposed suggestion and while considering the options to suite our time and schedule pace with being at places we want to be at, I look forward to enjoy our 1st ever visit to NZ most of all.

Focus will mainly be on sights of significant places of interests but not necessarilly, over powering modern arts of today's IT related world both with museums and hyper modern facets of new generation cultural developments.

With nature is what we prefer and mall shopping is certainly not our tea to cup & cope either. We are in our mid 50s but not anywhere close to being fuddy-duddies on demands or dislikes over particular needs... we are easy and flexible and relaxation is the theme basically but not as beach lubbers... we have enough of that experienced.

I hope its not difficult for you to summarize what you make of our preferences but feel free to ask should you wish to know more for your clear knowledge to access and presume a befitting itinerary for us.

Hear you soon.

Thank you and gdday to you on Ascension Day we are also having here...
Hi Gun,
congrats on the awesome anniversary bro!
as for flights from chch to sydney, i have done the emirates and its totally worth it. Can get good deals if not too impatient too.
as i live in Central Otago im going to rate it. We have a blossom festival here in september which is relaxed and fun. i also recommend heading up Golden Bay way, via west coast south island...beaches amazing, people and walking are not to be missed.
i tend to be not in no hurry when i go places, so i would sort out maybe 3 def have to go places and cruise your way there and settle down for a couple of days. This i reckon is how you see the place for what it really is.
Recommending accomodation is a tricky one. I tend to go boutique lodges when its for a special holiday. But then its all about knowing your area. If you need info on any particular accomodation in Central Otago then i'll hook you up.
Just remembered, miss christchurch but go to Banks Peninsula, for walking, sights and relaxing beautiful times. if you want a city do auckland, if you want a better city with more going on do wellington, if you wanna chill out...come down south...
But you can do City in Melbourne!!!! Just relax and walk around our adorable country.
TQ and what nicer climate you bring with your Spring suggestions and tempting tips!!!

We are make this Asian attraction by hovering at down under with a schedule, limited to about seven weeks in all (my BH still has her Dept to oversee) hence, the short holiday stretching just to over 2 weeks for NZ alone will give a foorprint for us to return for a longer and better stipulated itinerary once we settle or relocate to our 3rd home in Hua Hin (Thailand) where our Aussie-pooleed Villa is currently in construction.

Driving is my leisure & love so, distance isn't a drag nor hinder to reach POIs (places of interests). I'll be supported with Google Earth and Garmin PC GPS that are both on my lappy as well as my own GPS unit for the dashmount on the rental to help us out. It would be great to meet up with you if you can help-guide as well with your immediate location in showing us around, that would be awesome too!

Let me know and as I have posted above to Ian Hague, try forwarding yr suggestion through the Ask button in my Localyte page.
For others following this thread, you are all welcome to do so too. Its a long stretch from Auckland to Christchurch or even further reaching Dunedin... who knows but it would be as interesting as visiting your ccountry by meeting up all you Localytes along the route... :)
Hi Gun

I have been away sorry, the localyte site is not working for me, did I really do it wrong our address is please try this.

I shall give another shot with the other MBox addy. Cheersch to you both as we say it here in Holland :)
Good day to you Gun. Right about now you have proberbly found the right person to ask. 4 years ago my great friend who passed two weeks ago came up with an idea to start up our own private guided tour business. The plan is to get travellers who come to new zealand a car, then we would take you on tours depending how long you tend to stay. The price depends on the length but I promise you two things. It is really cheap and secound I will take you to places that many people have no idea where they are. I am really down to earth and trustworthy so there is nothing to worry about. Accomodation will be provided in the many centrepoints of New Zealand and with myself being a culinary chef I will provide meals as well. Be sure to think it through and get back to me when you can. Im on a trip now in Taranaki with a couple from Germany so hope to here from you when you can get a chance to reply.
Have a good day
thank you Dominic for your offer too. ;)
Yes, contact have been made and yet, there is still plenty of time to when Spring begins B4 we decide tentatively with who, where & when along the itinerary route is taken.

As the distance is a long one, we are also aware that we will be meeting along the route, several Localytes that we would have made arrangements with.
I first need to see where you are basically and just when we are scheduled to reach yr location hence, some serious exchanges will need to take place before anything concrete will come about.

Click onto my name/picture and once you are into my Localyte site, post your email within any selected Service button in my Profile page. Lets pick up from there alright?

Cheersch to you, appreciate your response too... ;)

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