Which is the best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka?


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January - March is a good time but its high season so you may pay more.
The best time to visit to Sri Lanka ist during November to end of April, as the South west monsoon rainy season bigins in end of April to end september.. so I think if you travel in januarry or February.. would be perfect!!
Hi Weltall! From a climatic point of view, all 365 days are good days :) Generally sunny except during the peak in monsoon seasons. Even during those heavy rainy seasons, there are many other parts of the island you may visit. Being a very small island [65,610 sq km], travel time is not a major issue. Within two-three hours of driving, you can be in a totally different eco-system!
Basically, it all depends on what you want to experience...

Tell me what appeals to you so that I can offer better advise.
Mid Nov thru March is the season period for most of the country, including South and Central (the wet zone). May through September is the dry season for the North and East (dry zone). It's hot during this time, but can find some nice spots to chill out.
Hi, Come in August, but you will have to book straight away as an influx of tourists are expected then. The Kandy Perahera (the famous temple pageant with hundreds of colourfully dressed elephants, drummers and dancers and other highlights parade the streets at night).
Message me if I can be of any help.
Generally Sri Lanka is good to visit right through out the year.Because the two monsoons are not working properly now, due to global climatic change,we cannot predict the rain like earlier.Your visit also depends on your interest.
If you are interested in Cultural events, best time is end of july to August,when you can see the Kandy and Kataragama Processions, with Many Colorful dancers Drummers and Elephants. If you are interested in traveling round tasting many different varieties of fruits, End of April to June would be the best.If you are interested in Buddhism,May would be the best to see how the country celebrates the Wesak festival with many colorful pandols and decorations with colorful nights.If you are interested in Cultural events like Hindu and Sinhala new year celebrations,the time is April.Summer festival in Nuwara Eliya also in April.If you want to avoid Winter,November to April would be the best,But generally tourist season also November to April and normally the prices are high, during this period.If you are concerned about the prices, off tourist season From April to November, would be the best.If you need more detail Please contact me.
Hello there Sri lanka is a small isle but a miracle as well u could visit the island through out the year as you can get from hot to cold wether within hours even if there are rains in some parts other parts may be sunny and up country is a bit cold.............. it depends on what purpose u r visiting the island............. for further clarrifications do not hesitate to contact me

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hello welta
its up to u where u like to visit in november to april weather is good but down south beach is good november to february nice clear water for diving snorkling swimming also beautiful sun bathing and nice sunset other months seais rough beach is not nice rough and short also no good sunset also rainning but east cost they are may to july goodweather and surfing also february to april in good weather in up country so if u think about this thing u can decide ur holiday for best time but if we take mostly best time in sri lanka is november to april becurse sunny and verry verry less raning if u want my help contact me thanks kamal
HI, basically anytime is fine, as it's a tropical Island the weather isn't very temperamental except during the monsoon.during April or so. However there are many oter parts of the Island you can visit to get away from the rain,in under 3 hours. Of course if your looking a it budgetwise it's probably wiser to come "off season" thats between Jan-Apr. Or Aug-Nov.
hmmm January to April end is the best time to travel sri lanka.lot of fun
if you are interested in Cultural events, best time is end of july to August, For the beach stay Feb , Mar is the best. due to global warming we cannot predict which month exactly it will rain. but don't miss the Kandy Perehara it covers the entire culture of Sri Lanka
I am here to answer specialist questions regarding the East Coast. Described to have the best beaches and best climate as well as unspoiled wild life on Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is unique, as this Bay has more than 330 days sunshine/year.
A guaranteed perfect holiday destination - but still very much underdeveloped.. see
hi! depends on the place u wanna has good weather all year around..even in the rainy season u can figure out something fun to do..jan-mar is a bit cold n apr/jul/august is quite dry...
In general tourists season is from November to April.But the cost will be little high.But all 365 days of our country is good for tour since you can experience different whether conditions in different parts of the island .So don't worry you can come at any time which is convenient to you & we will arrange you the rest of it. If you need any help contact me.

Totally depends on your interest.

We’ve got the “Kandy Asela Perahara”, An Elephant Parade as many call it in August.
This is a cultural event where you will be able to see Kandyan dancers and many more.
This event takes place in the evenings for about two weeks. Most of tourist visit the island during this period since it is one of its kind.

Apart from the above, all depends on your interest. It is better to escape the rainy season.
However even the rainy season is not too bad since the climate is changing now and the rain does not continue long. Even if it rains you will have plenty of other things to do


Both Sharmila's & Hiran's answers are correct, it anytime so you've to decide when you can go to Sri Lanka for a visit.
Come in August.You can see kandy perahaera.(a buddhist peagant) This is a colourful and very beautiful.You can see kandyan dancers,drummers,decorated elephants, and ancient lighting etc..And in this period you can come our area.Southern province in Srilanka.There is a big pageant in Kataragama.Both Buddhist and Hindus celebrate there.This perahera is culturally differ from Kandy perahara.You can see low country dancing in this perahera & decorated elephants also..
sri lanka is a tropical island. so no seasons. any time is good, it depend on your perception.
Sorry for the delay, as I was out of of Sri Lanka on work for over 3 months.
travel to Sri Lanka would depend on where and what intersert you have of Sri Lanka.
The tourist season for beach and relaxation would be end nov to end april, for the southern coast and for eastern coast would be may to around end sept.
if it is cultural and heritage sites then also april to sept is suitable.
for wild life and rain forest and bird watching except heavy monsoon periods is suitable.South western between april and july and north eastern between nov and march.
best regds
The only true all year round resort I know of in Sri Lanka is Arugam Bay.
Recorded to have more than 330 sunshine days/year.
Due to some natural barriers which prevent both East and West Monsoon to rain off in this beautiful East Coast 'resort'
The main surfing season is from March to October.
But swimming, historical sites and of course the most remarkable wild life (wild elephants, bears, leopards, deer etc.) are to be seen and admired at any time of year nearby.
Do not only liisten to advice from West Side residents: Many have never, ever been at the best place in their own Country and may not know what they have been missing.
Check out "Arugam Surf" on Facebook or look at
let us know where do you want to travel exactly, in hikkaduwa, nevember to aprill, but december-january is the high season over here so goods are littlebit expensive than off season time, you better check our website before come to sri lanka.

March to june

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