Can you recommend a place in Singapore where we can have our annual team building activities?

Our company has around 100 employees and we have an annual team building activity. I was assigned to look for a place this year. Can you recommend a nice place in Singapore that can fit all of us and is conjusive to team building excercises?


Country: Singapore


i have seen team-building events being held on siloso beach.
And why not the Padang?
If you need help, i could help you
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It depends on what your team building activity comprise of, if it's liken some water activity or those activity that ensures a good sweat, then Siloso Beach is an ideal place, it's at Sentosa.

Lot's of ppl carry out team building at Siloso Beach.
100 employees is a huge group. It yours an indoor or ourdoor? I may just recommend an event coordinator for your needs.

I could help you to source for venue as that is my trade.
However, I would need more details from you. If you like call me at 96700486 or email:

Have you tried the following places
1) People's Association Campsite. They have several locations.
2) Labrador Park
3) Pulau Ubin
4) Bintan island, Bintan Agro resort or west Malaysia as some schools regularly host their team building events there. Very much depends on your company's allocated budget and how big the team involved in as this involves logistics.
Hope this helps.
Try Rasa Sentosa Resort. Contact this person:

I will be glad to help you to source the venue free of charge :D. Please give me some more details about your event:
- what kind of team building activities do you plan to have?
- Is it outdoor or indoor venue?
- what is your budget for venue?
Feel free to call me at 9369 5331 or drop email at .

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