Anyone here live in Singapore can help me plz?

i have plan to go to singapore this July.Last time i went with tour, but this time i want to go by my self. i like going to singapore because i love going shopping ^^!i will stay 3 days..So could anyone tell me which hotel i can stay(cheap and a little bit near center),which famous places i can visit, and shopping center sale off most! thanks for helping me!


Country: Singapore


Hi there, Singapore is indeed a place to shop and visits. Orchard road is where you can find all things in your shopping list. Singapore also offers places of interest like Sentosa Island and lots more. Budget hotel within city provimity is alot. There are many to choose from. Write to me if you like me to be your FREE tour-guide.
There is lots of shopping to be done in Singapore.
Why not go to Bugis Street, shopping is very cheap and you can visit a couple of temples in between too. Same for Chinatown, Pagoda Street has a great market and in between shopping you can visit Chinese Heritage Centre museum which is very interesting. Orchard Road is really good if you like designer goods. Vivocity (the biggest shopping mall in Singapore) is packed with all kinds of shops and is great to visit if it is raining, you could shop all day in there.
Have Fun!
hihi! Hotel 81 () offers one of the most budget chain hotels in Singapore and have branches really near to city centre at places such as in Geylang etc. Otherwise there are other backpackers' hostels around city centre as well. I don't know much about them, but good places to start with may be:

Famous places are already recommended by the previous two replies but I could give you more if you're more specific with what you are looking for. :)

Shopping centres may include Sim Lim Square for electronics and computers. Fashion chains like This Fashion offer really cheap and popular fashion.

My sister or I will be interested to guide or even drive you around if our schedules meet. :)
In fact, I may need your help as well because I booked tickets to go to Vietnam (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh) from around 29/7/09 - 9/8/09 with a few other friends. So if you could guide us around there as well, it will be great!!! ;D
Check out our blog. :) .

Feel free to email me at as well. See you soon! :)
well thanks!
and welcome to VietNam.when u and ur friends go to hanoi, contact me.. i will be ur lovely tourguide. :D:D:D
If you're travelling solo, try some backpackers hostels or Hotel 81s along Bencoolen/Bugis area. Ibis Hotel has also just opened at that location. Otherwise, the Royal Peacock in Chinatown is near an MRT line (5 - 10 min to city) might be good. Hangout at Emily () is situated just off Orchard Road may also be good esp if you need free internet connection). YWCA and YMCA are both in town too.

Most hotels can be found at or or , etc. Have a good look around. Sometimes, some good hotels offer really good rates.

There are many shopping places in Singapore, especially during the months of the Great Singapore Sale (June/July). Other attractions are the usual Sentosa, Zoo & Night Safari, Bird Park, Botanic Gardens, etc.

Don't miss out on the museums if you like those. The National Museum, Art Museum, Philatelic Museum and Toy Museum are within walking distance of Bencoolen/Bugis and are very good. The Chinatown Heritage Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum and even Mount Faber (though not a museum) are worth visiting. Check out or for more information and time specific events.
Yes, I agree, Bugis is a great place to shop. If you are stayingnear Suntec/Bugis area, you can go to Bugis, Little India, Chinatown.Hotel 81, The Beach Hotel and Summerview hotel are all Class 3-4 hotels that provide great value and in the heart of the city. Hope this helps
Xin chao em, Le! If you have only 3 days here in Singapore, why not do a homestay with a local family here?? Eat home-cooked meals with them, and have breakfast at a nearby Hawkers'Centre! The host family member will bring em personally, and even drive you to Places of Interest like the Singapore Zoo. Tam biet nhe!
oh that's great!how about the price???
I've been looking around, checking & comparing and as far as prices go, albeit if one is renting a local medium size car or plain dependence with swift convenience on the MRT service with nearby access to horrendous & delicious haunts that you surely would spent more time at... consider a daily rate at abt S$ 105 will land you in a 4-star hotel easily.

I'd take somewhere like near Bugis location where the MRT is easily at, a matter of minutes while another, like in Tiong Bahru area with the Link Hotel would be modest and using taxis is another cheap option too. Plenty of nearby food courts for lovely Singapore breakfast to wake up to, into the afternoon and eveningsas well... have fun in Singapore.
hi , you can consider , free internet services and free wifi services with lots of places of interest information including the information of the entrance fees ! is just 10-20mins u can reach the heart shopping in Singapore.

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