I am going to Jeffreys Bay for 2 weeks in August to surf, and am looking for a fun hostel to stay in. Has anyone been to Island Vibe...

...Backapcker Hostel? If so, is it good, or are there better ones? thanks! :)


Country: South Africa


hi Cal

well i checked the website out and it seems ok

are u specifically looking for a Hostel>?
i have pasted the link below for the Tourism site
may be it will be of great help

Thanks Bruce! Ye im deffinately looking for a hostel because their cheap, but also il be travelling alone and hostels are great places for meeting other travellers!
Il check out that site,
cheers! :)
i am afraid i cant answer this question i dont know j bay very well
Hi There
The best place to stay is Ubuntu Backpackers which is within 100m from the beach and supertubes. You can sit on the balcony and watch the waves. Check out their website at
Thanks Peter!
Looks like a cool spot, but im staying for 2 weeks and its twice as expensive as Island Vibe!:P
Hello Cal.
Try get hold of a copy of Coast-to-Coast.
That lists many backpackers all over the country, their rates, contact details and a sort of description.
For J-Bay they've got 6 backpacker hostels listed (including Island Vibe).
Their website is
If you need a a slow ride there from Cape Town, along the Garden Route, stopping at awesome bungi (jumping) spots - or whatever - give me a shout.
Dave (the Aardwolf)
Thanks Dave!
Im actually doing the Garden Route with some friends next month, but Il have a look at that site for sure!
Appreciate your help :)
Hi Cal,

Island Vibe's good, but if you going there to surf you have to look at either Ubuntu or Surfpackers. Surfpackers is in Pepperstr. which is the little cul-de-sac where the world famous supertubes are located. This means you can basically roll out of bed and into the line-up. They are good, clean, inexpensive and also close to the supermarket(100m) and other surfspots like point and tubes (200m by beach).
Ubuntu is a bit more expensive that time of year, but you get a bit more luxury and a balcony with a view over supertubes. Ubuntu is similarly close to the supermarket and other spots mentioned above.
Enjoy mate, see you in the water!!
Thanks CJ!
That place looks rgeat! Gunna make an enquiry bout prices -deffinately a cool spot!
Howsit Cal.

Island vibe backpackers is simply legendary amongst the surfing crew of South Africa. My mates and i stop there twice a year every year.

The nice thing about Island vibe is its position. There are two waves right bellow you for the novice to intermediate. You mostly be surfing kitchens. Island vibe is surfing orientated, and as far as service is concerned, they'd be one of the best, offering daily shuttles to tubes and into town to party every night. It also has an awesome bar area, tv lounge and dining setup, where you can order meals from breakfast to dinner. Off course i can't forget their playful dogs, even the border collie has dread locks, so the "island vibe" is manifested deeply within this spot. 270 degree view, you can check the whole ocean from there.

From a surfing point of view, this is where you'd wanna be.
mo fiya - cheers enjoy
Thanks Graeme!! Sounds like you talk from experience...glad to hear its a cool spot-and close to supertubes too! Cant wait now! :)
100% Island Vibe Great location and great views plus if there isnt any waves still lots going on at the bar :)

100% Island Vibe Great location and great views plus if there isnt any waves still lots going on at the bar :)

If you're still looking for accomm in August you should definitely give Ubuntu an email. They're a great place to stay for longer periods as its so laid-back and comfortable, and also relatively small (24 ppl max).
A dorm bed on long-stay rates is R450/week including light breakfast and free internet! Not a bad deal...

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