My 21 years old daughter is planning to spend ten days in Manhatan, starting June 28, with another young lady. Any advice about some... place where they could stay (students budget)?


City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States


Try the Central Park Hostel.
Call Appalachian State University (Boone, NC) which has a "loft" in central Manhattan where rooms are rented. They have rooms with bunk beds, and private rooms. It is safe, well located, and comparatively inexpensive.
I have two daughters, now in their 30s. I always booked them at the Westside WMCA on West 63rd Street.They still stay there when the visit NYC.
You can try Chelsea Hostels in 17th street, boutique hotels like hotel41 in the heart of town but more business travellers who are on a budget stay there.
You can also read reviews on or .
Otherwise, you can try short term rentals at but it is realitively difficult to find a short term rental apartment in NYC
Another way to save in Manhatan would be to engage the Big Apple Greeter where they will have locals conduct walking tours of NYC.
There are also days where the museums have free admissions, I think it's on Friday. Summer is a good time to be in NYC
Ive tried the jazz hostels!!! perfect for tight bugets!!! good luck!
Have them stay at a number of good and inexpensive hotels in northern nj such as Hoboken, jersey city, secaucus and weehawken. All are 15 minutes from manhattan at 80% off NYC prices

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