what is the best time to travel in Thailand?


Country: Thailand


Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.
not to hot. Clear sky, clean cystal bule water (The Sea)
Its good to travel all year round, but the high season is November , December , January and february. In April there is the Thai New Year ( sonkran festival ) you might want to chek that out , its a lot of fun.

Have a good trip.

Fokke van Egmond
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The best rtime to visit Thailand is from november to march . Dry season, no rain and beautiful skies.
Any - and as much - time you have available. There are no restrictions!
Greetings Kamal
You may travel here all year round. We have two seasons here, wet and dry. Wet from March until October and dry from November until end of February.
The rain in the wet season is not much of a problem for tourists, as the rain water is warm.
Bear in mind, that during the wet or Monsoon season on Phuket, the west coast is very dangerous for any sea surf swimming. We have numerous drownings here, every year, due to the fatal rip tides.
Otherwise, any time of the year is fine.
Have a wonderful trip when you get here.
You can come all year round.
Only sea tour/activities do not recommend in Nov.-mid of Dec. (monsoon period)
All year is good but the best weather is in December to April. No rain and clear blue skies every day.
A bit expensive accommodation from mid December to mid January - peek season.
Cheapest in our green season from 1st of May to 1st of November but chance of rain. Not to bad on Phi Phi Island where I live. Our Islands are so small that the rain often passes by and falls in Phuket or in the mainland.
All year round is okay for some places in Thailand, although April and May are a bit on the hot side. June thru Oct is rainy season, however a good time to come here, in particular in terms of your wallet, It's so called Low or Green Season, and you get great offers for accomodation.
In terms of weather Nov until Feb is indeed the very best. It's fresh and cool in the nights, and during the days it's warm and dry with blue skies. However touristicwise it's called High Season (Peak Season from mid Dec to mid Jan), where hotels dry to compensate for the rest of the year and trying to charge the hell out of you.
The best time around Mid November until April. This is normally referred to as High season since it is the busiest time of year but this also means that there are more options for boats and buses connections and everywhere is open. Low season April through to October, when it is more quiet they often close connections by bost and bus which can make it a little harder to reach more out of the way places or it can take a lot longer. Smaller islands close down. In April they have the Songkran festival which is great fun. Enjoy your travels
Honestly it really depends on where you are headed... If you are headed to the south and the beaches then u obviously wanna come during the summer... but if you are looking to head up north then would recommend the winter season november-january

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