i'm looking to visit #israel in june what are some of the must see things? #localyte ?


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In Jerusalem you can visit the Western Wall and the City of David, as well as the Biblical Zoo.
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It all depends on how much time you will spend in our beautiful country, as there are endless amazing places to visit. June is a high summer month so it is very hot and most tourists come to be close to the coastal area, however you can plan your visit from the north to the south all depending on time or if you just here for a few days then you can visit Jerusalem, Eilat down in the south is like a mini riviera and Tel Aviv area with walks through Jaffa and its great markets. Tel Aviv has great beaches. Just remember to wear a hat, good walking shoes and always have a bottle of water at hand. Wishing you a great trip.
Jerusalem 2-3 days, all the Galilee and the Golan Heights, Haifa 3-4 days, the northern Negev desert, the Dead Sea area, Tel Aviv and the coast. If you are Christian don't forget a side trip to Bethlehem from Jerusalem. If you have enough time also a one day trip to Petra in Jordan
In Israel there are many things to see. But there are "must" for everyone. The "must" are Jerusalem and Masada with the Dead Sea. All the other places it depends whom you are, if you are coming with your family or on your own, the time of the year you are coming, how much money you would like to spend, and how long would you like to stay in Israel.
Enjoy your staying in Israel.
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you can visit Dead Sea area there is a lot of fantastic beaches also you can visit Haifa to enjoy the nature and sea view from Hadar point.
also you can visit Tabarya Lack and enjoying the sea view, modern city and sea trip with a great dinner.
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Recommended itinerary:
2-3 days Jerusalem
1-2 days Masada and Dead Sea
2-5 days Galilee and Golan
1-3 days Tel Aviv

Additional options:
Negev desert
Ramon crater
Eilat and the Red Sea
Petra, Jordan

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