I have a flare for interacting with Wild Life in Africa. Can anybody advise as where should I go? Kenya or South Africa?


Country: Egypt


Dear Sir,
I think that south Africa is more cultivated and more beautiful.I recommend South Africa for you:)
Enjoy ur trip their
Best Regards,
Yomna El-Hossary
I think Kenya is better.
I have been to South Africa before it's a very beautiful country but someone told me one day that Kenya is nice too..

But i prefer South Africa..

Have fun and don't forget to visit the crocodile park in Sun City it's really fantastic along with a beautiful huge wall...
The best is Kenya Safari, you can join from Nairobi.
Hi - well South Africa is beautiful and has been well-known for centuries; Kenya is amazing for both the wildlife and its people. For me, for wildlife, I would choose Botswana every time - a safari there will astound and amaze you. I have photos on my FB page :-)

Lyndall EL Masry
Nile Wave Travel

Before anything hello your in Egypt you can make all the visits you want depending on the period you would like to do we have many programs that differ in terms of cost, but be appropriate in terms of time and cost
if u like any more info plz contct me


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