Buon giorno! I will be traveling to Italy for approximately 7 weeks towards the end of June. The first 6 weeks will be spent at an...

...archaeology field school, and the final week I plan on traveling on my own. I will also be able to take some weekend trips during the field school. In terms of travel I have a loose itinerary, but want to see as much of the country as I can. I know I am probably worrying about this *way* too much - but I have never traveled internationally and have some questions about shoes/clothing. I have a pair of hiking/outdoor shoes by Garmont that I am using for the dig. They are comfortable, but kind of clunky. I also have a pair of nice sandals by Born that I was planning on bringing. Are sandals ok in museums and churches? I know that for some excursions, the hiking shoes would suffice better than sandals - but am worried I'll look silly. Do you recommend a third shoe, perhaps? Or have any other tips about what to wear while in Italy? Grazie!! :)


Country: Italy


If you can bring a pair of gym/running shoes I think that would be a good idea. The time of year you are coming is quite hot so bring light clothes like t-shirts and shorts. You should be fine to wear sandals into the museums and churches, although individual ones might have different rules so maybe check on-line first.
Bring a pair of tennis shoes, in case there's rain or you will walk a lot. But you can buy in Italy anything you think you might need while here. People in Italy care a lot for their image, but you don't need to dress up as most of people do. So anything you like is fine. i don't know where you will be, but the south can be pretty hot, so take with you or buy here sunscreen. Enjoy!
i think the best is to bring a pair of gym shoes with you, as almost all americans do,but note that at the end of june it is quiet hot all over italy. sandals are also ok. no problem in churches or museums. ciao
if in your budget, do not charge your luggage with one more pair of shoes, consider that italy is a big shoes factory and plan to buy one more pair here, you will find good prices and a nice quality. And you'll have a better souvenir to bring back home than a copy of the Pisa tower.
otherwise, gim shoes, but they must be very fresh.
and more, it depends of where you are travelling in italy. anyway sandals are ok. Churches ask for a proper way in dressing, but nothing about shoes.
if you get by, you can bring only 2 pair of gym/running shoes...
In some churches sandals aren't ok, but in museums you are ok.....
i have a question for you........
Are your archeological field school in Umbria at Massa Martana, in the old "Vicus ad Martis"?
I live near Massa and i'm a qualified touristic guide, so if you want to visit umbria, call me....
If coming to the Amalfi Coast there are no restrictions with regards to footwear, in Churches you can wear either type, (you may feel self-concious perhaps in some of the more important ones...)but must have shoulders covered and not wear too-short shorts/skirts...Museums likewise re footwear, but clothing no particular restrictions, however modesty is appreciated everywhere. Whatever you are comfortable in to enjoy the visits is fine. As this is a popular tourist area, with lots of walks, churches and places of interest, people will dress according to their day out which can cover various places of interests.....
Italy is famous worldwide for the good quality of its shoes! We have hundreds of shoe shops in every city, where you can find good quality, comfort, style, top material, reasonable prices! Should you need a third pair of shoes why don't you buy them here and bring a good souvenir of Italy back home?!?
No restrictions on sandals for churches.
Some good brands for walking shoes are: Nero Giardini, Skap, Della Valle, Hoogan, Geox. You may walk miles during the day visiting museums and churches and still use them to go in a disco or a pub at night!
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Ciao Meghan,

There are no restrictions on sandals for churches and museums.
I would suggest to buy confy shoes one you are here, Italy
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