Getting to Singapore budget terminal via the free shuttle bus in Changi airport?

My final destination is the singapore budget terminal. I heard that there is a free shuttle service from the changi airport MRT station to the budget terminal. Can someone please tell me at what times this shuttle leaves changi airport? I will be taking the MRT to changi. Please help!


Country: Singapore


Take the MRT to Changi Airport station. At the exit, take the escalator which will bring you to Level 1 of Terminal 2 (Arrival Hall). From there, walk straight and follow the signs to the escalators leading to the bus terminal at the basement. Look for the stand marked for the shuttle bus (near bus service 36). It's actually simpler than it sounds.

The shuttle runs every 10 min from 5 am to 2 am. Between 2am and 5 am, it's every 30 min (but the trains stop before midnight anyway, so that doesn't matter).

Have a good flight.
Getting around changi airport is so simple and relaxed, you will not have any trouble at all.
Once you are at changi airport, get off the free shuttle bus at terminal 2, the budget terminal is just next door and has a free shuttle service to the terminal, just follow the signs or ask one of the staff who will point you in the right direction, it only takes a few minutes from one place to another and like i say is very relaxed and easy, no need to worry.

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