I have some vacation days to kill and I’m trying to go to Brazil. Where in Brazil would be an Amazing place to take a vacation?


Country: Brazil


Porto Alegre, in RS, way down in the south. We are at a stone's throw away from Buenos Aires. If your planning your trip in this area, Porto Alegre is your hub.
Rio de Janeiro+Paraty+Ilha Grande
Chapada Diamantina+Salvador+Morro de São Paulo+Barra Grande
Chapada dos Guimarães
Brasilia+Alto Paraiso(Chapada dos Veadeiros)
Fernando de Noronha
Brazil is a huge country and it depends where you are coming from or going to. Check out some of the pousadas on and just click on the area you want to see some fabulous places to stay. In August it is likely to be cool down south, but it's usually a good time to visit Rio/ Ilha Grande/Parati, or the amazing dunes and lakes in Lençois Maranhenses (near São Luis) up in the far north of the country. If you need more help, or want to know about the very confusing weather patterns in Brazil just contact me via the site.
Hey mate, don't know where you're from but brazil is huge, huuuuuge. Twice as big as western europe. I recommend you buy a lonely planet brazil, do some reading and come back with less vague questions/doubts. The list of nice places is almost endless. Just a list of places won't help much.
It depends on what do you want to do.
If you want to see beaches: Fortaleza, Natal, Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis
If you want to enjoy the day and the nighlife: Rio de Janeiro
If you want to enjoy only the nighlife: São Paulo
If you want to see nature: Bonito, I think it's in Mato Grosso do Sul
If you want to dive: Ilha Grande, Fernando de Noronha
I don't know what kind of vacation time you are looking for, but I can garantee you, Brazil is the best place to take them.
Good luck
If I were you I'd go to Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.Two amazing places!!
it depends what you would like to know, the time you have to stay and your budget.

if you like beaches, nature, beautiful city and have few days go to Rio.

if you have about 30 days and good budget try to know:

- Florianópolis
- Iguaçu Falls
- Pantanal
- Brasilia
- Rio de Janeiro
- Salvador
- Fortaleza
- Natal
- Amazônia
- São Paulo


Tadeu Ferreira
check out Iguacu Falls as well. THey are amazing. I would say Rio/Paraty/Iguacu. You'd need a domestic return flight to iguacu from Sao Paulo...but there are some good deals around. If you're interested in hiking and kayaking try
take a look at this and see what you think - NE Brazil
Hey Harry,

Looking over a tour guide book or doing some internet research is a great idea, Brasil is a BIG place! The fellow above gave an excellent answer; covered a lot of places and what to do in them. As for me if you are interested in Gemstones, Crystals or Crystal Carvings, Mineral Specimens, or visiting some of the most famous mines in the world; Minas Gerais Governador Valadares/Teofilo Otoni is the place to visit. If you’re into Paragliding, Hang Gliding, or Mountain Biking Valadares is one of the best places in the world for these things. We just had the World Championships of Paragliding here in February!

Tchau! Fica com Deus;

Jim Ziegler
Hi Harold, if you want a really cool place with beautiful beaches and pretty girls, check out Florianópolis, the island-capital of the state of Santa Catarina. Good Luck
Rio de Janeiro for sure
Go to rio de janeiro - you will love it!
Brasil is a very big country. How much time were you planning to spend here?
two weeks, if i get it!
Hi Harold, Now we have autumn in Brazil, means its colder in the South. If y like outdoor, sports, nice cozy landscapes with the special Brazilian touch then Bahia should be your choice, specially (in your age) Itacaré and the Chapada Diamantina, both about 3000 km far away from Asunción. Y should invest at least 7 -14 days for the trip. Surf the site for further infos. Best regards and enjoy Brazil. TOM
Paul is right . you should come to Recife. I can't recommend it enough!
Rio de Janeiro of course !
First of all you should go to Rio de Janeiro. Besides that if you really really want to discover a very beautiful and fun Brazil and if you like culture you should definitely go to Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte. Two AMAZING states in Brazil... Pernambuco cities you should visit: Recife/Olina (Very good food, you should try the local food, and also very strong culture, full of colors and flavor), beaches in Pernambuco:Porto de Galinhas (beautiful coral reefs full of fishes to swim with), Praia dos Carneiros and the rest of Pernambuco coast. The state Rio Grande do Norte you should go to Pipa, where you can find a beautiful and small village with cute restaurants and bars, and also an interesting nightlife, around this beach you can see dolphins and maybe to have a chance to swim whith them in a natural wildlife, very close from this beach you should go to Timbau do Sul where the river meets with the ocean and a place called Chapadão... around these beaches you can see pretty high cliffs which is pretty cool. I have been in those two states and the beaches I mentioned are the ones I most like. Try to avoid to be hanging cameras and wallet around, it's not so dangerous but is always good to be careful. I hope you will like my tips and if you come so, I really whish you A LOT OF FUN!!! An advice: Google the names I told you and see what it is like, so you can an idea. Good luck, Filipe Correia.
Hi , if it is only two weeks , Brasil is so big that you better concentrate in basically one place and if first time , Rio de Janeiro is a good start with many options , beach nightlife and beautiful people, otherwise I could advise the north east Salvador with its afircan influenced culture or Aracaju whith itsmany beaches and nice people considered the best place in Brasl for quality of living.
Good luck
How many days, wich type of vacation. Beach, trekking, scuba diving, Cities?

Bye, Waldir
Go to the Northeast. Salvador, Fortaleza, Recife, or Natal. Or, you can rent a car in Fortaleza and go to Salvador, stopping at each one of those places. They are all on the coast. The beaches are amazing, the food very interesting, and the people are friendly.

Have fun.
Hi Harold well i live in Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Beach and Rio is considered a great visit to place with its beautiful beaches and amazing places.Rio has several restaurants including international, museums,Maracanã Stadium,approximately 15 beaches , Christ redeemer, Sugar Loaf,Flamengo and Tijuca Park....Rio really is a magic and wonderful city!
I hope you enjoy your visit in Rio! If you choose it! Of course.
The Cariocas(Who was born in Rio,natives are very friendly people)
Certainly is Rio de Janeiro. We're in fall, so we've a warm weather but good.
1) Rio de Janeiro - Paraty - Ilha Grande
2) Porto Alegre - Florianópolis, via RS Highlands
3) Porto Alegre - Buenos Aires (ARG), via Punta del Este and Montevideo(URU)
Fernando de Noronha is the amazing place to take your vacation. Is the most beautiful place in the world placed in brasil
Brazilian Amazon Rainforest: you should land on Belém and take a boat to Manaus (or vice-versa). The trip will be on the biggest river of the world, the Amazon River. On the way, you can also stop in Santarém and visit the most beautiful beach from Brazil, Alter do Chão, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.
Come and visit Paraty which is close to Rio de Janeiro.
For further info visit

Best Regards
Roland Meyer
So much depends upon your personal interests. I think Foz do Iguassu Iguassu Falls) are VERY AMAZING -- far larger and more spectacular than Niagara! And from there you can easily cross over the river to Paraguay for pretty incredible shopping immediately across the bridge or into Argentina for other flavors of excitement. But perhaps one place that would not be on your "normal" brochures is in the interior, southern Mato Grosso, The Pantanal -- an incredibly large area somewhat like the Everglades but much larger (I think about 75,000 sq.mi.). Sao Paulo, Rio, and Manaus all have many things of interest which you will never see in other countries!
Hi Harold. Like already mentioned by others, Brazil is a huge country with lots of interesting places to visit. For recommendations, one needs to know your specific interests and time available. Jericoacoara (where I live) is a mix a beatiful beaches, national park, laid back village. You might want to have a look in my site for some information: . Click on topic Jericoacoara Info. If you need any further input about this region, get in touch.
first what would you like to do
hikes, kaiak, surf, beaches, mountais
It would depend if you can speak the language or not.
If I was you I would always start in rio de janeiro and then branch out from there!
Harold it all depense the time of the year, how many persons and how long you gonna stay.
If you like seightseeing you have so much places and if you like more the beaches and adventure the best is in the north east starting from Bahia to Ceara.
Well, buddy, that depends your confort desire. What do you like? Beach? Country hill? Farms? Big or small cities? If you want some of this, then you are looking for the right place. Here we have a lot of stuffs to do, to see, to eat, to dance, to feel or to love. Take a chance to Brazil and you will surely love it anywhere you go.
Fernando de Noronha, it's an island out of recife and the place is amazing!
It´s always depends on how many days you will have.
Rio de Janeiro is really awesome, the beaches near by, in the north of state, Buzios and Ilha Grande in the south.
Another state to visit if you will have time is Bahia,places like Salvador, Morro de São Paulo, Barra Grande...
The list of amazing places are huge:))
I hope you could enjoy your vaccation
Try Rio De Janeiro, and ask for Samuel as he know Brasil well and he can help you with getting a cheap flt there as well call him at 773-676-6434
If it´s your first time in Brazil you must go to Rio de Janeiro.

Here you can find a number of fantastic destinations all over Brasil:
Hi, Vacations in Brazil are possible all over the country, it depends on how you travel. If you want to see exotic beaches then I recommend you Bahias coast, Itacaré, Morro de São Paulo, Arraial d'Ajuda, Trancoso. Here the clima is good the whole year long. The possibilities are many, the choice is up to you. There are always backpackers travelling giving tips. Enjoy it!
A month in Brazil: Rio (3 ovrnt) - Petrópolis - Ouro Preto (2 ovrnt) - Cunha (ovrnt) - Paraty (ovrnt) - Rio (ovrnt) > Manaus - Clipper or Amaz. Village (3 ovrnt) - Manaus (ovrnt) > Corumbá (ovrnt) - Araras Lodge (3 ovrnt) - Corumbá (ovrnt) > Foz do Iguassú (2 ovrnt) > São Paulo (2 ovrnt) - Ilha Bela (2 ovrnt) - Ilha Grande (2 ovrnt) - Rio - Búzios (remaining ovrnts).
If you only have some days to kill I will recommend one of the main cities: Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. Actually Rio would be a better choise, you have nice activities right there, like tandem gliding from up near the christ of cordovado, or swimming and tanning in copacabana. From such a base, you can explore around depending on how much time you have and get a good first impression of Brasil.

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