Hi... we're a community from bali... (bali_backpacker) want to backpacking around Australia... any suggest for us the best way point... travel? but also on a shoestring budget... we have plan to backpacking to Sydney, gold coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth... an maybe take place for 1 month backpack... if u have any information for price on any recent activity fell free to contact us at best regards, bali b@ckpacker


Country: Australia


HIya - I have taken down your address to try and assit you the best way I can for Meobourne and Victoria surrounds and get you sorted that way - are there are particlaur focal points that you wish to see here in Aus - and how many of you would becoming down in this group - I am quite prepared to offer you some form of tranmsport to and from and around venues within victoria and the outskirts until you make your way to the next state and by breaking down the cost between you all this should easliy make it showstring budget - but again this depands on the number of people travelling in your group so that I can accommodate you accordingly

please advise - otherwise I should get Matt to try and organise your itenary for you then I can help follow this through for you in the victoria side of things

kind and sincerest regards

thx for ur reply cassandra..., can i have ur email address? so i can ask for further information... my email is at

God Bless U..
there are gud groups that can take care of ur ppl and yourself
Hi again

I haven't heard from you in a while and have added you to my MSN - if there is anything I am able to asssit you please do not hesitate to contact me and advise

Kind regards

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